A High and a Low


Stoned in the shower, I’m singing
along to a tune I’ve heard
but never caught the name of;
step outside of the box and consider:
the other half you’re seeking
is something you must grow yourself.
Step outside of the box and consider:
you are a protagonist at the precipice of a
novel nowhere near completion --
get digging, darling, the answer isn’t
out in the darkness, get singing,
sweetheart, you’ll figure the rest
out eventually.


Demons find ways to devour; there was
never a worse time for half-healed
You’re in for a hurting if you think hell
is worse than here;
there’s no need for proof, be as wrong
about me as you want.
And fuck you for judging how I
swallow hard pills;
I never chose this pain but I’m handling it;
I never asked for tragedy so I’m Hamleting it.
To be or not to be has never been clearer;
everyone talks but no one’s a hearer;
what do you see when you look in
the mirror? I see nothing.
Demons, demon hands, demon feet,
demon eyes demon teeth demons growling
and demons drowning poor Ophelia in the creek.

Marilyn Sieger is a writer from Arcadia University.