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Ara Teina

Welcome to our visible learning space

Every learning journey for a child should start on solid ground – this is represented by the brown in our logo.

Teachers at Arahoe strive to recognize the strengths that children arrive at school with and use this knowledge as a basis to effectively teach key competencies and model core values to our children. At this stage, it’s all about building a firm foundation.

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Shenita Prasad
Associate Principal

 Erica Gracias
Room 21 - Year 1

Vijaya Nicholas
Room 23 - Year 1

Selma Admassu and Nisha Nadarajah
Room 18 - Year 0

Katherine Watson and Claire Walford
Room 20 - Year 0

Rachel Baird, Anna Rubick and Melanie Sorby
Room 22 - Year 1

rachelb@arahoe.school.nz or annar@arahoe.school.nz or melanies@arahoe.school.nz
             Tania Makani and Cushla Pickford
                        Room 24 - Year 1

          taniam@arahoe.school.nz or cushlap@arahoe.school.nz


Helen Wackrow
Room 14 - Year 2
(Team Leader)
Laura Thompson
Room 13 - Year 2

Trish O'Connell
Room 12 - Year 2

Tinae Vaimasenuu
Room 15 - Year 2

Jennifer Tonkin
Room 16 - Year 2