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Year 3                     Year 4

Ara Pakeke

Welcome to our visible learning space

As we travel along our learning journey, children leave the path and start to negotiate wide open fields – represented by the green in our logo. 

Here they build on their foundations and are filled with wonder and curiosity, as their learning experiences empower them to ask questions, apply knowledge and create new ideas.


Ara Pakeke MASH leaders for 2017

Contact Us

Gael Howard
Room 4 - Year 4

Jessica Kidd
Room 5 - Year 4

Evelyn Luther
Room 6 - Year 3

Alexandra Krivanek
Room 7 - Year 3





Siobhan Synott
Room 8 - Year 3

Anthea Callagher
Room 9 - Year 3

Deehan Morgado
Room 10 - Year 3

Christine Sutton
Curriculum Support