What Do We Look For When We Are Recruiting?
While athletic ability is certainly important, it’s only one of the characteristics you need to be a successful college athlete. We look for people who are serious students, are self-motivated, have a strong work ethic and want to be part of a team centered program. We look for someone who can see the big picture and isn’t afraid of a challenge. We look for someone who can persevere when faced with the bumps in the road that occur for any athlete working to be their best.

If you fit that description, you are who we are looking to find. We offer Athletic Scholarships based on a person’s athletic ability, academic ability and character. If you are someone we think can make our team better, you will be offered an Athletic Scholarship. The scholarship won’t cover all your educational costs, but when combined with academic scholarships and financial aid we are confident we can put together a package that will make it possible to attend Aquinas College.

If you are interested in visiting campus or getting additional information just click on the Track & Field Questionnaire icon below, complete the online athletic questionnaire and you will be contacted by one of the cross country/track & field coaches.