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PADI Rescue Diver Course

PADI Rescue Diving Course, 
Manual & Certification
First aid course = £110
 (include Manual and certification)

                                Exclude: Equipment Hire  £30 per da

Is one of the most rewarding courses you'll do in your life. Although you'll spend very little time actually diving during the course you'll find your diving magically improves over a relatively short time-frame.

You'll learn to respond to dive situations and emergencies - but more importantly, you'll learn to identify potential problems and emergencies before they become serious, and you'll learn to deal with them safely and effectively. The diving improvement you'll notice comes from the fact that your own diving becomes almost second-nature, as you focus instead on other people and on the nuances that let you predict what's about to happen.

The course is broken down into two main areas knowledge development and skill development.  To aid in water development we use pool training to practice the skills before going to open water.

you need to have completed First Aid course for last 18 month. 

You'll cover:

Self-rescue and diver stress
Emergency management and equipment
Panicked diver response
In-water rescue breathing protocols
Egress (exits)
Dive accident scenarios