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Why do the Oxygen Administration Course..? 

If you are a Scuba Diver at any level the information taught during this Course will help with your study for the Divemaster Level Course and is a must for anyone doing the Rescue Diver Course. For Non Divers who are First Aiders I would say its equally important as Oxygen plays an important role see below...

Why is it when injuries happen the use of emergency oxygen is a recommended first aid procedure..?

Receiving adequate oxygen is crucial, especially after any serious injury or illness. Emergency oxygen also aids in the treatment and prevention of shock. You can decrease patient stress and support the respiratory system by administering emergency oxygen. The following scuba diving related illness/injures can be assisted with the use of emergency oxygen administration: near drowning; decompression sickness; lung expansion injuries.
Oxygen is extremely important as all living cells in our bodies engage in oxidative metabolism, the process of using oxygen to convert chemical energy required for life. A Lack of or reduction in oxygen in the bloodstream can and often is life-threatening. Emergency oxygen is therefore recommended for breathing & non-breathing patients, who may be suffering from a lack of oxygen.