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Enriched air diving courses.

Course price £99 including Dive 

This training course is aimed at divers using single cylinders in a no decompression diving environment.

The course aims to educate and train divers to understand and utilise Nitrox mixtures up to and including Eanx 40% in single cylinders with a 3 litre cylinder for bail out.
The maximum depth of the course will be 30m, and 2 dives take place after a days theory. The dives are instructor led and supervised but no skills in the water take place other than DSMB deployment and bail out skills.

Nitrox cylinder sets are provided and included in the price.

To attend this course you need to be Open Water Certified with 15 logged dives.
We can supply all the Kit required for


Advanced Nitrox/Enriched air technical diving training courses.

Cost of course £250

This is our most popular entry level course which aims to introduce skills and procedures required throughout your technical diving career.

The aim of the course is to introduce the use of twin sets and stage cylinders for decompression dives in the 40m range. Gases used are up to Eanx 40% in the twin sets and up to 100% in the stage cylinder.

One day's theory is followed by 2 days diving unless this course is taken in conjunction with the decompression procedures course.

If you take the Advanced Eanx with Deco procedures please allow an extra day and add £100 to the course fee.

The maximum depth of the course is 40m and after you've completed Advanced Nitrox & Deco procedures you can go into the Entry level Trimix or take a combined ERD and Advanced Trimix course if you have sufficient twin set diving experience. 4 dives are made on this course with 2 extra dives