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As a Divemaster, you will be able to organise, conduct and supervise diving activities and be effective as an instructional assistant to an instructor.

You will be responsible for other divers, planning dives, and supervising students. The Dive master course is taught on a one to one basis. It is also a prerequisite to the Instructor Development Course.

PADI Divemaster course

Price is £595

Price include : all the training


Excludes: equipment hire

PADI training material (£160)

Certification fee (payable directly to PADI)

Now that you've become a proficient diver and you know how to look after yourself and the people you dive with the next step is to turn professional and become a DiveThe PADI Divemaster is the first professional level and the point at which you become a member of PADI. 

Firstly congratulations on getting as far as you have you've come along way since your Open Water Course. So you have though about joining the PADI Instructional team, looking to make yourself more employable or just enjoy it so much and don't want to stop, see below the different options I have to accommodate you no matter your circumstances.

Busy with your Job really like to do the Divemaster Course but don't have the time..?

I understand you may have a family and children or just really busy with work - there are lot's of options I can offer you, as a full time PADI Master Instructor not only will you get 100% of your instruction from me but I will customize the programs I run for you to fit in with your lifestyle, whats important for me is that you get the best start in your new career or the chance to get the most from whatever course your interested in.
I'm from another Organization can I still do the PADI Divemaster Course..?

The answer is yes - absolutely, I am very happy to here that you are considering coming over to PADI whatever your reasons may be, thank you for letting me have the chance to work with you and help you along your career path. Having personally helped many Divers from other agencies to come over to become PADI Dive Master I know the easiest ways of helping you pickup the PADI system and can relate this directly to your past training from my experiences. 

What is the Divemaster Course all about..?

You'll work with students during training, improving your skills and theirs at the same time. You'll supervise certified divers, and you'll conduct some programs independently. But most of all, you'll be a dive pro - remember how you looked up to the dive staff when you started diving? All those people who knew so much, who moved through the water so gracefully, who just kinda floated there while you fiddled with your inflater hose, bobbing up and down wondering why it seemed so strange and why they were just sat there a foot off the bottom like it's the most natural thing in the world? You'll be one of those people.

Become a Divemaster with Aquapursuits , you'll achieve a level of skill and competence that will stick with you thought the rest of you professional diving career and that other dive pro's will comment on with envy!

Prerequisites (to start course)

PADI Rescue Diver certification or qualifying certification with at least 20 logged dives and be at least 18 years old.

What will I do during my Divemaster Course..?

Learn dive leadership skills through classroom sessions and by using the Divemaster Manual and Video. Complete a series of water skills and stamina exercises in confined and open water environments.  Map a dive site, including underwater and surface features. Equipment exchange – demonstrate the ability to solve unanticipated problems underwater through this skill. Conduct Practical Training Exercises - simulated scenarios in supervising and assisting divers, under the supervision of a Amir Master Instructor.

You must have a minimum of 60 logged dives to be certified as a Divemaster. This dives can be built up after the course then we will send your application to PADI.master.