Aqua Pursuits

Newcastle upon Tyne: 3 Byker Bridge, NE1 2NS
Newcastle upon Tyne : Benfield Sport Center, Heaton, Tyne and Wear NE6 4NU
Gateshead: Friars Goose Water Sport Center, Green Lane, NE10 0QH
Phone: 077 6929 0001 / 077 5404 5706
Careers in Scuba Diving 

The daily grind getting you down? The 9-5 can be mind-numbing and depressing ..... surely there's more to life than sitting in an office.
If traveling the world is your thing, you'll want to work in resorts as you go. Imagine taking people diving the world's hot spots, and calling it work! Picture excited faces as they thank you for showing them your world. Picture your social life as a diving instructor.
How about a GAP year from study or work ......becoming a Divemaster in SCUBA diving,  will be both challenging and rewarding. Think of the achievement, the lifestyle and then the opportunities you'll have.

Like to earn some extra money? ....... if you are going to work on weekends for some extra cash, why not do it outdoors doing something you love?  Keep your day job and teach scuba in your spare time.

Career Development for  professional Divemaster Level 

Saving £500 

Open Water Diver Training + Equipment Hire + Certification

Advanced Open Water Training + Equipment Hire + Certification

Rescue Diver Training + Equipment Hire + Certification

First Aid Training + Certification

Dive Master Training + Certification

Master Scuba Diver Training