About Us

Tranz is a leading manufacturer of synthetic mannequins and dress forms in India. Tranz was established in the year 2007 at Bangalore now Bengaluru with the objective of manufacturing & supplying high quality and cost effective synthetic mannequins to meet the demands of the Indian retail sector. Up until the early 2000’s Indian retailer had to depend on expensive imported mannequins to meet their display requirements. Moreover in India mannequin manufacturing was in its infancy and the Indian manufacturers were neither able to meet the volumes nor the quality expectations of their customers. It was at this very juncture that Tranz was established.

Tranz has come a long way since its inception having started from a facility measuring less than 1000sq.ft with 15 employees, to today priding itself as India’s largest manufacturer of synthetic mannequins & dress forms with a dedicated manufacturing facility spread over 2 acres of land and an employee strength in the excess of 200.

At Tranz we have always believed in Trance (Tranz) & Transition (Tranzition). We strive to achieve the ‘Trance’ factor for all our products by continually interacting with all the stakeholders in the Indian and international retails sectors, improving & innovating of products and service. We constantly endeavor to remain relevant & contemporary by transitioning (Tranzitioning) with time and trends to bring you the latest and best retail concepts and solutions.