I am no longer using this website to post daily assignments.

Find out about your assignments and deadlines by using your Aqsa Google account and then entering my Google Classroom for your period.  All assignments and announcements will be posted there for my students to access.

If you have any questions about logging in please email me privately or come in during my office hours for help.  You may call the school office and leave me a message or you may email me at shartin@aqsa.edu

INTRODUCTION OF ME:  My name is Stacee Hartin,

  I have been educating children for over twenty years

now.  My career began in 1996 when I graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.  I taught for one year overseas in England in a youth leadership  internship program, then returned to teach in Texas for five years.  I also taught in California for another six years.  I have experience teaching drama, speech, debate, and English in both private and public schools.  

WIn 2010, I decided to homeschool my daughters.  Those were precious years with my two treasures, and I’m thankful I had that time to build a strong foundation with them.  In 2015 I decided to place my daughters in a public school, and I then accepted a teaching position at Aqsa.  This will be my third year teaching as a J H/HS English teacher at Aqsa.  I took on the responsibility of teaching the AP Literature and AP Language courses at Aqsa, and I enjoy the challenge of preparing students for their AP exams.  I have also taught both 6th grade ELA and reading, as well as 10th grade American Literature.  

I also enjoy writing, directing, dancing, acting, singing, and playing the violin.  I am passionate about the arts and strive to incorporate as much creativity as I can into my classes.  I love the school climate here at Aqsa and I look forward to another exciting year.  

Please feel free to contact me by email at the following address:  shartin@aqsa.edu

Supplies for Mrs. Hartin’s English Classes (2016-17)

  1. Aqsa School Agenda Book

  2. One composition notebook

  3. Eight paper pocket folders with prongs (3 prongs, no plastic, and no decorations)  

  4. 1 ½” Three-Ring Binder (Preferably with a clear plastic view pocket on the front)

  5. 6 dividers to put in the 3-ring binder

  6. 2 packages of loose leaf lined paper

  7. 1 package of construction paper

  8. Two highlighters (one yellow and one pink)

  9. 12 pack of black or blue ink pens

  10. Two red ink pens

  11. 12 pack of pencils (mechanical preferred)

  12. Sticky Notes (4 packs)

  13. 3x5 notecards (2 packs of 100)

  14. 2 Boxes of Kleenex

  15. 2 black wipe board markers

  16. 1 roll of scotch tape

  17. 2 glue sticks

  18. 1 pack of washable markers or colored pencils (only if your last name begins with letter A-F)

  19. 1 pair of scissors (only if your last name begins with letter G-L)

  20. 1 tub of Clorox Lemon Scented Disinfectant Wipes (only if your last name begins with letter M-Z)