Online Consultations

Setting Up Your Online Writing Lab Consultation 

Watch our Video Guide to the Online Writing Lab

Or check out the written instructions below

Scheduling an Appointment Online

First things first:

1. Make an appointment by visiting  Be sure to select “Online Writing Center” from the dropdown menu at the top of the page. 

24 hours before the session:

2. Choose an appointment time and fill out the APUWriting Center - Online: Pre-Session Form.

3. Save your appointment and upload your draft by clicking the link to attach a file and then "Choose File."

                                            5 minutes before your session: 

1. Sign in to the APU Writing Center Scheduler and click on your appointment.

2.  Click the red link to "Start or Join Online Consultation" and get started with your session! 

3. Chat:  When both you and your writing consultant are viewing the document at the same time, a text box will appear in the bottom right corner.  Type in the box to begin a conversation with your writing consultant.

4. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are waiting for the writing consultant to begin the conversation. Prior to your appointment time, your writing consultant is reviewing your draft.

                                                                                                                                  After your session:

1.      Save your Chat dialogue for your records!

* To save the conversation, highlight, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+P) it onto a text document, such as the end of your paper.

* Chat will remain visible even after the other person has left the conversation, but is erased when you close the window.  

2.     When you’re finished using the Online Writing Center, you may export your draft by clicking on the box in the upper right hand corner with two arrows on it. Choose to "Export Current Document" as either Plain Text or Microsoft Word.