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Philosophy Colloquia

The Philosophy Program offers lectures, colloquia, and conferences providing the opportunity for students to deepen their understanding and grow as reflective Christian scholars. These events allow students to participate with faculty, guest lecturers, and prominent theologians and philosophers in an interdisciplinary dialogue centered on topics of joint concern.

Philosophy colloquia meets monthly to discuss topics of interest.

March 27th - 28th
Guest Speaker: John Martin Fischer
3:00 pm
Duke 127

February 7
Film night: Artificial Intelligence


Rico on Robots and the Resurrection.


Suffering and Indifference:  Learning from Wisel, Bonhoeffer, and C.S. Lewis


November 18
Faith and suffering in the arts and sciences:  Natural evil, could it be otherwise?

October 21
Faith and suffering in the arts and sciences:  Community, contemplation, and worship

September 16
Faith and suffering in the arts and sciences: Microbes, do we have to protect them or do we have to destroy them?

April 14
Physics and God

March 25
Is it possible to honor God yet hate math?

February 25
Is Plantinga right about evolutionary psychology?

February 17
Dr. Alvin Plantinga - Sophia Forum Series

February 16
Dr. Alvin Plantinga - Sophia Forum Series

January 28
Does a well warranted belief in evolutionary theory presuppose theism?


November 19
Is Schrodinger's cat dead, alive, both, or neither?  Why should Christians care?

October 15
Biology and Christianity: Conflict, Concord, or Both?

September 17
What is science?  What is religion?  Who gets to decide?

April 24
What constitutes a responsible belief in miracles?

February 19
What is the relationship between faith and reason?

January 22
What if anything should a Christian do with a degree in Philosophy?