Philosophy and religion are closely allied in the history of civilization.  The philosophy major offers the student historical perspectives on philosophical concepts, principles for careful thought, and study of specific topics. The student is prepared for graduate study in philosophy or a number of related fields, and for careful reflection on the needs of current societies. Increasingly challenging and interrelated world economies call for professionals capable of sophisticated thought and problem solving. The ability to identify an ethical course of action in a complex social, political, and economic environment is a challenge for governmental, business, and religious organizations. APU’s philosophy degree uniquely equips graduates to meet this challenge in their chosen field.

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Philosophy Courses Offered Fall 2014


Career Opportunities
Traditionally, graduates have pursued further study in fields such as philosophy, religion, law, education, and business. When combined
with coursework and experience in areas such as business, political science, or education, graduates with the philosophy major may assume positions of leadership in corporations, government, and education.