Permission Codes:  What, When, How?

Top 5 Things to Know

1.    Permission codes can only be given out by professors and academic department offices.
2.    Professors and academic department offices are not required to give you a permission code.
3.    A permission code can only be used once.
4.    Your permission code might expire in 24 hours, so use it right away!
5.    Permission codes have three settings.  All of the settings that apply to you must be activated for it to work.

A Closer Look at #5

Permission codes have three settings, one for each of three situations:
  1. If the class is closed, but you have been given permission to crash it.
  2. If the class requires Instructor or Department Consent, which would be listed as a prerequisite.
  3. If you have not met all of the prerequisites for the class, but the Department Chair is giving you permission take it anyway.
If more than one of these situations applies to you, tell the professor or academic department office when they give you the code!  It won't work if they haven't activated all of the appropriate settings, but they won't know which ones are needed if you don't tell them.

Not sure which situation applies to you?  Look at the class description while it is in your Shopping Cart.
  1. Is the class closed?  (A green circle next to the class means that it is open.  Anything else means that it is closed.)
  2. Does the class description say "Instructor Consent Required" or "Department Consent Required"?
  3. Read through the list of prerequisites in the class description.  Is there anything that you have not already completed?
If you answered "Yes" to any of the three questions, you will need a permission code with the matching setting activated.

Not sure how to use your permission code?

Step 1:    Go to your One Stop tab at
Step 2:    In the "My Class Schedule" box, click on "Add a class".
Step 3:    Enter the 5-digit class number for the class you want to add, or use the search option to select your class from the online class schedule.
Step 4:    Click the button to add the class to your Shopping Cart.
Step 5:    On the Enrollment Preferences page, enter the permission number (given to you by the professor or the department office) in the designated box.
Step 6:    Click "Next".
Step 7:    Click "Proceed to Step 2 of 3".
Step 8:    Check the "Agree" box if you agree to the listed terms for registration.
Step 9:    Click on "Finish Enrolling".
Step 10:  A green checkmark next to the class with an accompanying "Success" message means that it was added to your schedule. (A green checkmark with a message stating that you were added to the waitlist means that the class is not on your schedule.) An X means that it was not. Read the error message next to it to figure out what you need to do to resolve the error.