For Owners and Moderators of Communities

Start a Community Now

Please fill out this form to start a community. It will assist our team with determining if your community can be promoted on this RADIUS site as an APU verified community. It will also assist you and your fellow community owners with creating your vision for the community. You will need to be signed into your email to access this form.

How To Videos

If you need help with "How to Join Google+", "How to Adjust Settings and Notifications", "What a RADIUS community is", "How to Create a RADIUS Google+ Community", or "How to Post or Delete Posts", we have created screen recording video tutorials that are available in the video library.

If you have additional ideas for video tutorials, please let us know at

Posting in RADIUS

The main RADIUS Google+ community is the community that we are encouraging all graduate and professional students, staff, and faculty to join. Therefore, all posts within the RADIUS community need to be applicable to every graduate and professional student within any discipline or school and at every location (we have 52 programs, the Azusa campus, six regional centers, and online students to consider). 

In order to assist in managing the posting and managing community promotions in the main RADIUS community, we have created a Tier Strategy Structure as an example. (ie. If you have created a RADIUS Google+ sub-community for pick-up basketball games in Azusa. The posts about your events should be promoted within the Azusa location-based RADIUS community as opposed to the main RADIUS community.)

Learn more here.

Guidelines and Standards

As an Azusa Pacific University student, staff or faculty member, we expect that you will adhere to the Graduate and Professional Standards of Conduct and the APU Social Media Standards within your communities. 

If you have concerns regarding shared posts or members within your community, please contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs at or (626) 815-4570 or refer to the Guidelines and Standards Folder within our Owners/Moderators Packet.

Owner/Moderator Packet

We have created an owner/moderator packet that is available in Google Drive. It has the contents of this page with: the "How To" documents, "Start a Community" form, "Guidelines and Standards", the RADIUS Tier Strategy, as well as marketing folders for different RADIUS communities. You will need to be signed into your email to access this folder.