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 RADIUS (powered by Google+) is a place created specifically for APU graduate and professional students. You can connect, learn about resources, and share events, research, and ideas with students by location or discipline. 

Community is one of APU's four cornerstones: We believe in community. We are a richly diverse people who value the worth of each individual. Our mission is to encourage, equip, and enable each student to fulfill his or her great potential, and in turn, encourage, equip, and enable others.     

How it Works

For Owners and Moderators of Communities

Link your email with Google+.

Select which APU communities you would like to join. We would recommend starting with the main RADIUS Google+ community that is for all graduate and professional students across locations and disciplines, your location-based community, and any others that you are interested in joining.

Start your own community. APU graduate and professional students, staff, and faculty can create Google+ communities based on your interests, locations, and disciplines.

Download the App

Download the Google+ app on your phone to receive push notifications from your favorite APU communities. 

Start a New Community on RADIUS today!

Have ideas or interests for a new community? Interested in forming a RADIUS community that is promoted by APU on this site? 

Begin at our page for Owners/Moderators. We want to partner with you to assist with the initial set up of the community. 

Click on the icon above to join the main RADIUS community.

You may need to log-out of your personal gmail account and sign into your email account 
in order for the link to work or to join a community.

If you would like additional instructions, click here.

Why Google+?


LinkedIn is more formal.

Facebook is more informal.

Your notifications will be from the APU Communities that you select to join.

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