Link Google+ to your email and click on any icon below to join a location-based, 

social, or professional Azusa Pacific University RADIUS community group.

To access any of the APU RADIUS communities listed below, you need to link Google+ with your email. 
If you get an Error 404 message, Google+ is linking to a personal gmail account instead of your email.
Easy fix: Log out of your personal gmail account and into your email account through

Have ideas or interests for a new community? Interested in forming a RADIUS community that is promoted by APU on this site? Begin at our page for Owners/Moderators. We want to partner with you to assist with the initial set up of the community. Or if you are interested in being recognized as an official APU club or student organization, please visit The Association for more information.

If you are receiving an Error 404 message when clicking on a Community icon or another element within this site, please log into your email address. The RADIUS Communities are only accessible to emails for students, staff, and faculty.
If you have a personal gmail account as well, we would suggest logging out of your personal gmail and logging into your email first. 


After joining a Google+ Community, in the future if you would like to access Google+, in the upper right hand corner of your gmail account, you will see a small panel of squares. Select the squares, and you will see a Google+ icon in red.

Once inside Google+ on the homepage, in the upper left hand corner, if you hover over the home section, you will see a Communities option in the drop down. Select Communities to view Communities that you have joined.