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Community Folders

Community Folders give you access to documents shared with the faculty and staff of Azusa Pacific University.

To begin, please click to add the Community Folder collection to your Google Documents listing.

Next, please watch this video for a great overview of how to use Community Folders:

Reducing Clutter

Many of you are already using and loving Google Docs. Because Community Folders are part of the Google Docs stream, you may find your document list initially cluttered. This is because any information posted to Community Folders will appear in everyone's Google Docs home stream. If you find your home stream overly cluttered, you perform the following steps to hide previously published items:
  • Search for "owner:communityfolders" from the search bar at the top of your Google Doc's list
  • Scroll down on the expanding search results so you can see everything.
  • Select the top-left checkbox to select all files
  • Click the "More" dropdown box and select "Don't show in home"
Note: It may take some time (up to one hour) for these changes to take effect. You may also have to do the search multiple times in order to hide all items. Also, know that this will only hide items posted to date: future posts to any community folder will appear in your document stream.

Additional Information

The ability to post items in APU Community Folders is limited by department and role. If you need access to post to a community folder, or if you can't find information you need, please contact the Support Desk at x5050.

Remember, you can always create a collection and share it with only those people who should have access without using Community Folders. Community folders are for information available to all faculty and staff of Azusa Pacific University.

Keep in mind that any information you share in Community Folders will count against your 1 GB of storage inside Google Docs. Also remember that native Google Docs format documents don't count against that storage. The more you can work in Google's native file format, the more information you can share in Community Folders.