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Create Groups in Adium

Groups make it easier to organize and find buddies.  

To create a group click on Contact on the menu bar then Add Group...

Enter the name you want for your group and click on Add

To move a contact to a group. You can click and hold on the name of the person you wish to move and drag the name to the Group label you are moving them to.  IMPORTANT: Release the mouse button on the Group Name, NOT another person's name.  When you do drag and drop and drop on another person's name, Adium will prompt to merge the two contacts. 

The other option to Move someone is:

Right mouse button click on the person you wish to move. (or Contact on the menu bar Get Info)

Click on the fourth tab.
Click on the + button in the lower left corner and select the group you want to move the person to:

If you had already added this buddy to a group you may want to remove them from the old group.
Click on the old group and then the "-" minus sign. Close the window by clicking the "red" close button.