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Announcing Google Drive

posted Apr 30, 2012, 2:51 PM by James Janssen   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 3:00 PM ]
The week of April 23, Google began rolling out the much anticipated Google Drive, which makes it even easier to access and share Google Docs and other files from your desktop, notebook, or mobile device. Google Drive replaces and enhances what you know today as your Google Documents List.

What is Google Drive?

Think of Google Drive as your personal container for files and folders that follows you wherever you go. It also includes items that have been shared with you, in the same convenient place. With Google Drive, you can access files, folders, and Google Docs from a web browser or any device where you've installed your Google Drive.
Your Google Drive is in the cloud, but you can also install the desktop and mobile application to access your files from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Google Drive's built-in sync capability ensures that your files, folders, and Google Docs are the same on all your devices. Applications are available for Windows, Mac, and Android. Apple iPad and iPhone applications are coming soon; in the meantime some features can be accessed from mobile Safari.

What does this mean for APU?
  1. Effective immediately, your Google Docs storage has been increased from 1GB to 5GB!
  2. This summer, Google Drive will replace and enhance what you know today as your Google Documents List. The look and feel of Google Docs will change and will be re-branded as Google Drive. Google Drive is the new way that you will get to your Google Docs.

  3. You can opt-in to Google Drive before it becomes standard for all of APU. The opt-in process may not be immediate, as Google is releasing the service in stages. Once you complete the upgrade process, the black navigation bar above APU Gmail will change from “Documents” to “Drive”. Google Drive is the new way that you will get to your Google Docs.
If you are interested, follow these step-by-step instructions to opt-in to Google Drive, and make sure to also read the Google Drive FAQ.

In IMT, we think Google Docs is a fantastic way to collaborate whether working or learning, and it looks like you think so too. Over nine thousand of you are using Google Docs to collaborate around text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and uploaded files. And so, we are pleased to provide you with additional storage and Google Drive to make it even easier to access your files regardless of location or device.