Productive work in School Education- Nayee , Nai Talim!

This website is an effort to compile and curate resources on perspectives and action on the theme of   productive work  pedagogy . It is inspired by the  Gandhian idea of education  called  ' Nai Talim', which is essentially education through productive work.  Our idea of productive work in today's context is  as follows: "problem solving , ecologically sensitive, activity based learning,  aligned to the school curriculum but of immediate use,  related to the life of the community , focusing on joy of learning, and done  democratically".  
This website compiles a set of  resources that  are about :

a)  The Gandhian Educational model also called Nai Taleem/Nayee Taleem or Basic Education. We have curated a set of readings by Gandhi and others about his vision of a good society to put the idea of education through productive work in perspective.

b) Lesson plans: Actual , hands on, productive work activities that have been tried out  with school age children by educators and others on various themes such as health, waste, agriculture, food, water , agriculture, biodiversity both in and outside of schools.

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