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2016-09 Fall Meeting

Meeting Date, Location, & WIFI

09/26/2016 12pm-5pm Monday (with the Deans)
09/27/2016 9am-5pm Tuesday

Murray Conference Room, Fifth Floor, Lauinger Library
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 26-27 September

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Meeting Agenda

Updates for Fall 2016 Meeting

General Update for Fall 2016 Meeting

September 2016 Budget Report

Save the date

Dear APTrust Colleagues,

Please save the date for our Fall meeting to be held in Washington, DC on September 26th and 27th. We are excited to have Georgetown University as our hosts this year! Our meetings will be held on their historic campus. As with our recent practice, we will not be holding a block of rooms in a given hotel but encourage you to find accommodations that best suit your needs. The staff at Georgetown have provided us with some hotel resources here: https://www.georgetown.edu/area-hotels-and-visitor-housing We will also follow our standard format of 12-5 for Monday (with the Deans) and 9-5 Tuesday. 

More details will be coming soon. If you have any questions, please let me know.

PS You may get this more than once - I am sending to the old Content and Tech groups in case you haven’t migrated yet to the new Community or Advisory Groups.



Bradley J. Daigle
University of Virginia Library


Software Preservation Network, Jessica Meyerson

Shared documents: http://bit.ly/spn_shared_docs

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APTrust Fall Meeting 2016 - Technical Update

APTrust Fall meeting 2016 - Technical update

Communication Group Update

Communication Group Update.pptx

TDR Update Fall 2016

TDR Update Fall 2016

Ontario Library Research Cloud 


Defining and Prioritizing Reporting needs

Technical/Operational Reports Needed:
·         High-level Ingest volume, bag numbers, and file numbers
·         How many gigabytes, by format type for each institution puts into preservation system, for a period of time that is flexible – monthly, yearly, fiscal year…
·         Where content is stored in S3, Glacier storage consumed and costs by institution, if beyond 10 TB
·         Machine actionable fixity report – to compare against local checksums
·         Logging of content usage by APTrust user – unsure if this means by user or institution, by users/libraries using a naming convention within an institution
·         Status of items also going to DPN, by institution – Andrew reports this report is already there, and available via API, Andrew will document where and what of this report.
·         Messaging between systems, when content was last audited (fixity checked) and pass along to another system – so local reports could be developed.
·         Enhanced PREMIS event logging – when files are moving between systems
·         Need a feature request location for new reports needed, new functionality, etc.
·         APTrust managers should be able to get high-level aggregated reports across institutions, by file formats, file size, file counts, etc for marketing purposes, annual report, to report up to the governing board, etc.
·         Dashboard of ingest volume
·         Number of PREMIS events recorded
·         Average file size
·         How do count the number of works, if consists of multiple files – This would be difficult because each institution can be bagging differently, serialized formats
·         Annual Report from the Director (calendar year) in advance that the APTrust bill comes out - Metric highlights over time, # of presentations, meetings with other entities, digital preservation stories (1 to 2 a year) from a couple of institutions
·         Service manager activity reports oriented report
·         System health report – up-time, planned downtime, unplanned downtime
·         Specs for virtual machines used in AWS
·         Duplication identification report, by institution (filter out content already deleted) – Andrew already has to do this and will add this to the new system
·         A list of anything every deletion by done user, by institution
·         How much content is ingested into APTrust that goes into DPN, and how much content APTrust is replicating from other DPN nodes
·         Other reports as requested over time
Other comments:
·         What baseline level of PREMIS should we be tracking? – Opportunity for interest group.  Send an email to Bradley if interested.
·         Need to divvy up reporting activities
·         Once development is complete, may need fewer development staff, or re-divide up new tasks to focus on like communications activities
·         APTrust invoices out by June 1, payable between June 20th and August.
·         When a file is deleted, the metadata is not, but marked deleted and a PREMIS event is recorded
·         APTrust will put up the list of recommended reports above and have the members vote on the priority of each, in terms of development sequence.