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Foster carers needed for our cats and kittens

posted 3 Aug 2013, 17:13 by Christopher Stones

We are seeking people interested in being foster carers for our cats and kittens.  The options include:
1. Mums and their babies
2. Orphaned kittens
3. Cats/kittens needing socialising
4. Sick and recovering cats and kittens.
Fostering is very rewarding and you get to help many cats and kittens. 
For more information or to register your interest please email Lynn: wallytheclown@iinet.net. au


posted 31 May 2013, 02:50 by Christopher Stones   [ updated 31 May 2013, 04:06 ]

APS is calling out for help from someone who is willing to come to APS and mow the lawns.  APS will supply the lawnmower and whippersnipper and petrol.  We hopefully will find someone who can come in regularly on a volunteering basis.  Please, if you can help or know someone who could give so generously of their time, call APS on 9398 6616 or email info@animalprotectionsociety@westnet.com.au
A very special thanks to Mick Ayling who has been our very own  'Mick the Mower Man' for many years.  We are extremely grateful to Mick and to Shane Castles who has undertaken the task of keepimg the grounds at APS neat and tidy and a pleasure to work in for our many cats and dogs and volunteers.


posted 27 Oct 2012, 00:23 by Christopher Stones   [ updated 29 Oct 2012, 14:29 ]

Calling for volunteers to assist with kennel cleaning and moving dogs from their kennels so they can enjoy outside runs, sunshine and a little taste of freedom.  This is an ongoing exercise all day every day and we ask if you could consider giving just some of your precious time on a Saturday [particularly].
The rewards are immense as our precious dogs have already experienced a not so pleasant history and deserve so much more.  Our aim always is to find a loving and safe home for them but in the meantime, we need strong and willing volunteers with a generous heart to show them compassion and companionship.
Anyone wishing to volunteer some time during the day will be welcomed with open arms by APS members attending on the day.    Although it can and will be physically demanding at times [as the dogs mostly are untrained on the lead], we have yet to find them aggressive towards our volunteers.   They crave companionship and company....not much to ask really.
If dogs are not your first love, then the cat section is in urgent need of help with cleaning, feeding, etc on a Saturday.     Certainly muscle power is not needed but extra hands and loving hearts are.
Please consider giving some of your time ..... we are in desperate need of some extra muscle power to help during the day.    An hour or so would be awesome.    Please call APS on 9398 6616 if you feel you can help


posted 14 Jul 2012, 20:54 by Christopher Stones   [ updated 23 May 2014, 02:21 ]

Faith: is about 18 months old.  She came to APS with her 5 kittens.  Faith is a friendly and affectionate girl, who is just a little bit cheeky.  She would be well suited as an indoor cat.  Faith is tolerant of other cats but would be happy as the only cat in the house.  For more information please email Sandra: ottley@bigpond.com


Speedo a delightful boy who is affectionate, good on the lead, sits when asked and takes treats gently.  He is, however, a little wary of [some] men and possibly shouldn't be homed with very young children.  Speedo has so much affection and loyalty to offer, there must be
a loving home out there to teach him to trust again. 




posted 14 Jul 2012, 04:10 by Admin 2   [ updated 30 Mar 2014, 00:33 by Christopher Stones ]

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posted 14 Jul 2012, 04:06 by Admin 2   [ updated 17 Jul 2012, 13:31 by Christopher Stones ]

There are many ways to donate to APS Click HERE to find out how. 


posted 14 Jul 2012, 04:03 by Admin 2   [ updated 14 Jul 2012, 04:07 ]

Every effort is made to update the dogs and cats available for adoption on a weekly basis, however please understand there will be times when the furries advertised here are no longer available as they have found a forever home faster than we can update the website.

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