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Wellness Coordinator for Alliance Public Schools:  Tonya Cox

Welcome to EHA Wellness!

Join our new approach to health which encourages and rewards healthy behavior adherence. Since this program cannot legally dispense medical information or provide medical care for individuals at high risk, we recommend that each participant receive routine preventive exams. This will build the vital patient-physician relationship and engage members with individuals that can properly diagnose and responsibly treat chronic diseases and high-risk conditions. Take care of yourself and seek appropriate medical care for health risk factors in a responsible manner.

Through continual interaction in wellness programs, a participant’s perceived value of health will change, resulting in the adoption and maintenance of important positive behaviors. Adults want to be healthy, happy, and enjoy the highest possible quality of life. The only path that leads to good health is regular physical activity, proper nutrition, preventive screenings, and smart daily health decisions.

A healthy lifestyle will postpone chronic disabilities 10 to 20 years. Morbidity, which is the time spent in pain and suffering before death, is also compressed by 75 percent through adherence to a healthy lifestyle. How are you going to enjoy your remaining years?

Wellness is worth your best effort today!

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Wellness Coordinator for Alliance Public Schools:  Tonya Cox

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@UConnRuddCenter - We're a non-profit reserch and public policy organization devoted to improving the world's diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma.

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@PHITAmerica - A nationawide movement for a fit, active, and healthy America. #PHITAmerica News, Reserach & Musings from PA's Cameron Jacobs.

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@myplate - My Plate is a quick, simple reminder to help people think about food choices to lead halthier lifestyles.