Grandview teachers need to know:


1.    Power Teacher:  Attendance, grades, and report cards

Be able to take attendance through PowerTeacher on first day.

2.    Introduced to the families of our high needs students

Staff must meet with those families of our high needs (Med.) students.

3.    Electronic LPC

Mills:  Be able to input spelling, reading & language.

4.    Electronic Lesson Plans

Submitted electronically to Mr. Folchert (weekly)

5.    Student cumulative files

Must sign off when viewing these

6.    Emergency procedures:  fire drill, tornado drill, lockdown)

Must be posted and become familiar with the Emergency Prep Guide

7.    School schedule and special routines

Know where you need to be and when.  Establish routines.

8.    Student packet

Make sure these papers are completed and returned.

9.    Para responsibilities and schedule

Classroom to playground.

10.  Review school mission, vision and values

What is our focus as APS and Grandview employees.

11.  Review job description

What are we expected to do?

12.  Review extra duty responsibilities

Faculty Rep. & Tech Team Trainers

13.  Starting & ending of daily work time

7:45-3:45 or until the work is completed.

14. Warehouse orders & pick up

New staff met with mentors to discuss procedure.

15. Report cards

Meet and discuss three weeks before they are due.

16. APL training and its building expectations

If You Want It, Teach It.  Watch for bell ringers in Sept. & closure in Oct.

17. Confidentiality

Must live by this!

18. Dress code for staff


19. Dibels awareness (what it is and how to use the reports)

Mills:  3 times a year.  What is its purpose?  How do we use the information?

20. Progress monitoring/RTI Plan

Mills:  What is its purpose?  How do we use the information?

21. Walk-throughs

Occasionally a supportive team will come into the classroom to watch.

22. Formal Observations

Schedule right away with staff.

23. Parent/Teacher conferences (procedures)

Follow agenda

24. Class parties

Halloween, Christmas and Valentines

25. Open House, grade level concerts and parent activity nights

Math & Writers night

26. How to run the copy machine & laminating film

Large packets for students; use machines in the lounge.  Use printers for masters.

27. Mentors

Assign key people to provide assistance throughout the year.

28.  NESA, NEWA, Dibels & C4L importance, procedures and scheduling

What are these? When do they happen?

29.  EMAIL, Ichat, school website and phone system.

Make sure accounts are created and shared.

30.  Teachers responsibilities as it relates to finding sub teachers

Find your substitute and put it in the SUBManager right away.

31.  Teacher attire, cell phone and leaving building expectations

Professional, not during your time with students and check-out binder

32.  Social media; ie:  facebook, twitter, etc.

Professionals watch what they post.

33.  Input of grades weekly into PowerTeacher

Stay on top of this.

34. Assembly procedures

How do our students enter the gym, be an audience and exit the gym?

35.  Notes home

Provide the office a copy.  Thank you.