Emerson teachers need to know:

1.  Dibels awareness (what it is and how to use the reports)  (September meeting)

2.  Progress monitoring/RTI Plan  (September meeting)

3.  Walk-throughs  (beginning of school year)

4.  Formal Observations  (September meeting)

5.  Emergency procedures:  fire drill, tornado drill, lockdown)  (September meeting)

6.  Parent/Teacher conferences (procedures)  (October meeting)

7.  Emerson class parties  (September meeting)

8.  Open House, grade level concerts and parent activity nights  (September meeting)

9.  How to run the copy machine, Duplo, die cuts   (beginning of school year)

10. Review school mission, vision and values

11. Review job description  (beginning of school year)

12. Review extra duty responsibilities/Playground supervision  (beginning of school year)

13. Starting & ending of daily work time  (beginning of school year)

14. Warehouse orders & pickup  (beginning of school year)

15. Report cards  (October meeting)

16. Lesson plans  (beginning of school year)

17. APL Training and its building expectations  (beginning of school year)

18. Professional confidentiality  (beginning of school year)

19. Dress code for staff & cell phone usage  (beginning of school year)

20. Teacher responsibilities for securing a sub  (beginning of school year)

21. Lesson progress charts  (beginning of school year)

22. Student CUM files  (beginning of school year)

23.  Power Teacher:  attendance, report cards (beginning of school year)

24.  Para responsibilities and schedule (beginning of school year)