AMS teachers need to know:


1.    Emergency procedures:  fire drill, tornado & lockdown

Go over red emergency book and explain procedures

2.    Evaluation process, walk-throughs

Show district-wide evaluation instrument and also APL walk through form

3.    Assign mentor teacher

4.    NESA, NEWA, Dibels & C4L importance, procedures and scheduling

Describe each test, when they are to be given and the role of the teacher in proctoring them

5.    AMS communication; ie:  email, school website calendar, calendar in teacher’s lounge,  & intercom.

6.    Teachers’ responsibilities as it relates to finding sub teachers

If sick call VT, otherwise, all other sub needs are to be found by the teacher

7.    Teacher attire, cell phone and leaving building expectations

Jeans only allowed on Friday.  Cell phones should be put away during teaching time, hallway/lunch supervision unless cleared by building administration.  Leaving the building should only take place during lunch unless approved by building administrator.

8.    Social media; ie:  facebook, twitter, etc.

The public has access to all of the above.  Avoid making friends with students and be careful with the pictures that you post as your professionalism could be called into question since you have a moral turpitude clause in your contract.

9.    Input of grades weekly into Power School

AMS requires its teaches to submit grades into Power School three times a week per student.  Grades should not be submitted once-a-month, at the end of a quarter or ever two weeks.  Once a week!

10. New coaches must knows

(Ms James)

11. Parent-teacher conference procedures

AMS conducts two parent-teacher conferences each school year.  You will initially meet with your advisee students.  Additional conferences will be scheduled as needed with your students.

12.  Copy machines, laminator & cutting board

To be conducted by Jane

13.  Assembly procedures

Discuss hallway procedures, where to set and how to behave while in an assembly.

14.  Before and after school supervision procedures

Go over door duty schedule, overall responsibilities of supervision.

15.  Discipline, In-School Suspension usage and procedures

Teachers do NOT place students in ISS.  Teachers are expected to fill out a Student Discipline Report for ALL referred discipline issues.

16.  How to properly use a para educator in the classroom

Para educators are to assist students with work and overall organization.  They are not to set around and play with cell phones.

17.  Review school mission, vision and values

18.  Review job description

19.  Review extra duty responsibilities

20.  Starting & ending of daily work time

Teachers can show up at 7:30 and leave at 3:30 or can opt for showing up at 7:45 and leaving at 3:45.

21. Warehouse orders & pick up

Explain how to use portal to order and where to delivery of items will take place.

22. Report cards

Explain when final grades for each quarter will be expected.

23. Lesson plans

Explain when lesson plans are due and where to turn them in at.

24. APL training and its building expectations

Discuss and train the following:  bell ringer, posting/going over agenda, objectives, 5:1 & 10:2, checking for understanding, closure and proper use of hand signals.

25. Professional confidentiality

26. Parent contact & meetings

Research clearly shows that high achieving schools and their teachers build quality relationships with parents.  If teachers are struggling with student behavior or the work of a student, they are expected to contact the home asap and set up a meeting for the best interest of the student.

27. MDT, SAT, IEP & 504 meetings

These meetings are NOT optional and must be attended if you are requested to attend.