Alliance High School


1.    Assign a mentor teacher

2.    Teach copy machine functions

3.    Teach fax machine functions

4.    Review of extra-duty assignments & facility usage

5.    Introduce to tech team trainers

6.    Go over emergency procedures, fire drill, tornado, lock down, and secured room status

7.    Explain evaluation process & walk throughs

8.    Car wash hall supervision techniques

9.    Lesson plan submission procedures

10. Review graduation requirements

11. Tour of high school and other district buildings

12. Staff meetings, place of meetings and meeting times

13. 10 parent contact expectations and procedures

14. Formal observations

15. Bulletin board making and supplies

16. Technology request and process

17. Library reserve procedures

18. Faculty dress code

19. Policy for leaving building on free periods

20. General review of all necessary information regarding policy and procedures

21. Explain bell schedule, heat schedule & activity schedule

22. G-Mail calendar

23. Parent teacher conference procedures

24. Warehouse orders & pickup

25. Report cards

26. Lesson plans

27. APL training & its building expectations

28. Professional confidentiality