New Staff Orientation

New Staff Induction


The Alliance Public Schools Induction Plan has been designed by the district administrative team with the new teacher in mind, and with the intention of providing the basic information needed for a successful first year in the school system. 


Each new teacher will participate in a district-wide induction meeting at the APS offices at 1604 Sweetwater Ave.  This meeting will take place at the beginning of August each year.

Once the new teacher has been through the district induction process, they should then expect to be lead through their building induction plan by their principal or their assistant.

Each building principal will provide their new teachers with a mentor-teacher, the information needed for understanding the basics about their building, staff and supplies before the first day of school.

 APS District Orientation Plan:


1.  SUBmanager (VT will facilitate SUBManager training)

2.  Power Teacher basics

Access, attendance, classes, seating charts, reports, grades

3. Building keys

Assigned by supervisor, obtain signature & release

4. Obtain district name tag

5. Go over time clock procedures for hourly

6. Explanation of expected professional confidentiality and ethics

Superintendent talk

7. Training on APS Staff Portal

Access, warehouse orders, purchase orders, travel requests & inventory

8. Payroll & leave procedures

Required paperwork; drivers license, SS card, voided check, BC/BS options, W4, I9, DMV release, leave clarification, 

present master agreement

9. Assign technology equipment & paperwork

IChat, lunch account, GMAIL account, school district website, default for browser, district policy, help page, laptop, 

classroom technology (promethean, mimio, projector)

10. District policy review

Board policy given

     New Staff Orientation Plans by  Building: