Language Arts

 Meet Mrs. Reilly:

 Language Arts 6
 Literature 6
 Class Policies  
Spelling study guides are passed out every Tuesday.  Test are on Thursdays.  If students miss 3 or less words they keep their grade.  4 or more missed words= rewrite missed words 6x each and get half credit back.  9 or more missed words, they have until the following Wednesday to retake the test and get a better grade.  After Wednesday, the grade stays as is.

Language Arts-
If student fails an assignment, they are given the choice to redo the lesson or keep the grade.  They have the quarter to redo/complete any failed assignment.

We complete a lesson every day.  It is important that the students stay on top of their work.  They are given 20 minutes everyday in class to complete daily work.  I remind students I am here every morning and evening, unless I have a meeting and I always let them know when I am unavailable, so they can come in.  There is no homework in this class, unless the student does complete the lesson and wishes to take it home or needs to complete a missed lesson.  Students are responsible for getting and completing any missing work.  If they miss 6 or more points on any lesson, they have the choice to do fix ups in red/blue pen and turn in to get an average grade or keep the grade they have.  Students will be given one week from the day the grade is entered to do fix ups and get it turned in in order to get back any points.  After a week, the grade will stay as it is.  If you see on their grade sheets it may say for example: "RM6 L172 +B,D"  They are to complete the workbook page Lesson 172 plus parts B,D from the textbook.  (FYI: there is no L172 it is just used for an example)   

Mrs. Reillys' Schedule:
1(A-D)15-16Lang. Arts 6301
2(A-D)15-16Literature 6301
3(A-D)15-16Lang. Arts 6301
4(A-D)15-16Literature 6301
6(A-D)15-16Lang. Arts 6301
8(A-D)15-16Literature (ELL)301