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Nature Mapping

Do you like to go out and spot wildlife?  Contribute your sightings to our iNaturalist nature mapping projects, so that others can see where and when various animals have been found around New Mexico.  

Nature mapping helps get a better idea of species range, and alert others where they may be able to see a certain species.  It also provides us and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science more information for teaching and research.

To begin submitting your own wildlife encounters, all you need is a mobile device with the iNaturalist app. (or a handheld GPS to save coordinates and submit later).  If you don't know what species you've seen, experts on the site will help ID it for you (as long as you took a picture!)

New Mexico Nature Mapping: submit sightings of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians found in New Mexico.  

New Mexico S.C.A.T.: submit pictures of scat, or animal droppings, that you find around New Mexico!

We are grateful to NM Game & Fish for their grant that allowed us to begin this nature mapping project.