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How Can You Help the SMNHC?

There are numerous ways to assure the visitors to the SMNHC get the most out of their visit. Over the years, many of the improvements made to the SMNHC are thanks to generous citizens who have given their time, effort and/or money to make the Center what it is today. Here are a few ways you can help.


Looking for a way to give your free time to a good cause? Volunteer with us! Whether you are interested in teaching, trail work or building outdoor classrooms, the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center has a volunteer opportunities to meet your interest.  

Dedicated volunteers of the SMNHC have contributed to:

Construction and maintenance of trails
Construction of outdoor classrooms and teaching areas
Creating SMNHC specific field guides
Insect collections
Teaching the Ecology Field Program, and the Traveling Ecology Field Program
Developing new hands-on activities
Teaching education sessions for the SMNHC public programs
Making educational videos and taking photos for publicity
GPS and map over 5 miles of trails

Make a Donation

Many of the projects and teaching equipment that are used on a daily basis were made possible by generous donations from friends of the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center. With a limited budget, most of the SMNHC's funds go into everyday operational costs. To make improvements to the trails and facilities, create new programs, or purchase field equipment, the SMNHC relies on donations and grant funding.

Over the years donors have contributed to:

Landscaping the Daniel Bush gardens
A solar hot water heater
Building supplies for outdoor classrooms
Landscape timbers
Rainwater harvesting barrels
Scientific field equipment

For more information about volunteering at the SMNHC or to make a donation please contact:

 Chris Modelski at chris.modelski@state.nm.us