ActivInspire Download

ActivInspire is a software that works with Promethean Interactive Whiteboards that can be used to engage students in learning.  You can download this software on Microsoft Windows or Apple Macs.
APS teachers can download the software from  This link will only work from within the APS network.

If you are outside the APS network, click ActivInspire to reach the Promethean Planet download page.
When you reach download page click on the download & Install ActivInspire 1.4.  You will need to log in with your Promethean Planet account to be able to download the software from this site.

The APS district software serial number can be obtained by calling the Service Desk at 505-830-8080.  You can also use the serial number from your Promethean ActivBoard, installed in your classroom.  Click Validate and you will be provided with you software serial number.