Discussion Forums

Anyone can read the discussion forums, but you must register for this group to post and ask questions.

Depending on your questions, there are 3 places to explore:

North America K12 Apps Technical forum 
For those setting up and implementing Google Apps at their school. This forum, open to all regional groups in North America, will help those looking for answers about setting up Google Apps for your school with questions about service settings, changing MX records,etc.

Great Lakes Discussion Forum - Google Apps in Action
This regional specific discussion forum is best for those who are using Google Apps (already set-up at your school) and have questions or ideas of how to use Google Apps in K12 schools. You can also post product specific questions like "How do you embed a form." 

Considering Google Apps
If you are still deciding whether you want to use Google Apps, view this Google Moderator page to view common questions and replies about going Google. This page is open to all regional groups in North America.