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IETC BYOL Workshop

Creating a Teacher Website Using Google Sites 
Illinois Education Technology Conference (IETC) (Gmail login)
8:15-10:05 am (1 hour 50 minutes)
Plaza D

Review what works and what doesn't work with teacher websites, and create a site from scratch or a template using Google Sites. Learn from a Google Certified Teacher the core features of Sites as well as some advanced tips and tricks. Walk away with your site up and running! (Cross platform. Audience: All grade levels.)

(10 min) Welcome and Overview


BackChannel: TodaysMeet


(10 min) Teacher Websites: What Works, What Doesn't, What to Do?

(5 min) Discuss/Brainstorm: Backchannel or Etherpad (previous workshop)
Open discussion on potential uses for teacher websites

(10 min) A review of Google Sites as a website creation platform

(5 min) 5 Things

(40 min) Demo/Walkthrough plus Hands-on time using Google Sites to create a Teacher Website 

Phase I functionality includes: how to edit pages, add images, create links, upload files, and more.

1) Create Site (template or non?)
2) Adding Pages
    File Cabinets
    Web Pages
3) Editing Pages

Pause to plan...

4) Calendar
5) Class Handouts Example

6) Develop a few pages that fit your brainstorm/design
7) Share your site with at least one collaborator (could be me -

(5 min) Discussion of how to organize student created websites - creation of form to model and share created websites from workshop

(10 min) Sharing of workshop websites

(10 min) Demo/Walkthrough using Google Apps to add intermediate features to the website - Phase II functionality includes: how to add Google Docs, Presentations, Gadgets, Forms, and custom HTML, how to get a custom domain, how to change look/feel.

(5 min) Feedback and SWAG


About Your Presenter:
David Chan
Google Certified Teacher, Google Apps Certified Trainer


Google Sites for a Classroom Webpage

Ms. Schroeder