Symposium Schedule

Friday, February 24
Anne Belk Hall Rm 322

3:00-5:00 - Registration 
7:00-9:00 - Registration and Socializing 

Saturday, February 25
Anne Belk Hall Rm 325 or 118 
9:00-9:20 A century of white settlement in western North Carolina: Archaeology of the Hiwassee Reservoir
Lance Greene (Wright State University)

9:20-9:40 Rediscovering Redwares in the Catawba Valley of North Carolina: An Exploration of Jacob Weaver’s Kiln Site and Pottery
Linda Carnes-McNaughton (Fort Bragg DPW Environmental Division)

9:40-10:00 Ceramics from the Ravensford Site
Tasha Benyshek and Paul Webb (TRC Environmental Corporation)

10:00-10:20 Ceramic Analysis and Geophysical Survey of the Rotherwood Site (40Sl61), A Mississippian Site in Upper East Tennessee
Rachel M. Grap and Reagan L. Cornett (East Tennessee State University)

Coffee Break

10:40-11:00 Houses and House-Life in the Southern Appalachians: Insights from Big Data
Benjamin A. Steere (Western Carolina University)

11:00-11:20 Black Bears in the Archaeological Record of the Greater Appalachian Region
Heather A. Lapham (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

11:20-11:40 The Production of Odocoileus virginianus Metatarsal Beamers at Keyser Farm (44PA0001) and Trigg Site (44MY0003), Page and Montgomery Counties, Virginia: Implications of Long Distance Exchange
Michael B. Barber (Virgini Department of Historic Resources)

11:40-12:00 Preliminary Analyses of Shell Bead Production at Carter Robinson
Maureen Meyers (University of Mississippi)

Lunch Break

1:40-2:00 Learning more about Fort San Juan and Joara: Continuing Investigations at the Berry Site
David G. Moore (Warren Wilson College), Christopher B. Rodning (Tulane University), Robin A. Beck (University of Michigan), and Abra J. Meriwether (Warren Wilson College)

2:00-2:20 “In the darkest part of the Nation”: Investigations at the Valley Towns Baptist Mission, Cherokee County, North Carolina
Brett H. Riggs (Western Carolina University)

2:20-2:40 GIS on the Qualla Boundary: An Archaeological Site Database for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Historic Preservation Office 
Emma Mason (Georgia State University/Georgia Historic Preservation Division)

2:40-3:00 Archaeology at the Late Precontact Wall Site in Central North Carolina
R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr. (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)


3:20-3:40 The Savannah River Phase in the Appalachian Summit Region: Excavations at 31YC31 in Yancey County, North Carolina
Matthew Jorgenson, Daniel Cassedy, and Peter Sittig (AECOM – North Carolina and North Carolina Department of Transportation)

3:40-4:00 Tracing Ceramic Origins in the Highlands: Refining the Swannanoa Phase in Space and Time
Cameron Howell (ERM)

4:00-4:20 Along Ancient Paths: Archaeology at the Big Creek Shell Pit Site (40Hw382)
Jay Franklin (East Tennessee State University), Caroline Yon Bernard (Boston University), Meagan Dennison (University of Tennessee), and S. D. Dean (East Tennessee State University)

4:20-4:40 Considering the Entanglement(s) of Appalachian Hopewell Blades and Mica
Larry R. Kimball (Appalachian State University)

4:40-5:00 Mann Valentine and South Appalachian Summit Archeology in the 1880s
Bennie Keel

7:00-9:00 – Social in Anne Belk Hall 322

Sunday, February 26
Anne Belk Hall Rm 325 or 118

9:00-9:20 Site Formation Processes of Sandstone Rockshelters on the Southern Cumberland Plateau
Sarah C. Sherwood and Martin A. Knoll (University of the South)

9:20-9:40 Ceramic Analysis of the Mississippian Pile Mound Site (40Fn180), Upper Cumberland Plateau
Lauren Woelkers (East Tennessee State University)

9:40-10:00 Site 31WT221, a Prehistoric Site in a "Saddle," Watauga County, North Carolina
Caleb Smith (North Carolina Department of Transportation)

10:00-10:20 Caching Quartzite: Persistent Places and Focused Mobility in the Virginia Blue Ridge
Carole Nash (James Madison University)

Coffee Break

10:40-11:00 Geomorphology and Dating of Four Terraces along the South Fork of the New River, Implications for the Location and Preservation Cultural Deposits in the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province
Keith C. Seramur and Ellen A. Cowan (Appalachian State University)

11:00-11:20 Geophysical Investigations at the Mississippian Pile and West Mound Sites, Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee
Jeremy G. Menzer (University of Arkansas) and Eileen G. Ernenwein (East Tennessee State University)

11:20-12:00 Geophysical Survey at Cane Notch, Nolichucky River, Upper East Tennessee
Eileen G. Ernenwein & Jay D. Franklin (East Tennessee State University)

12:00-12:20 Experimental Study of Hunter-Gatherer Base Camp Taphonomy in the Southern Appalachian Highlands
Thomas R. Whyte and Emma C. Jones (Appalachian State University)

Posters will be exhibited in Anne Belk Hall Room 327 for the duration of the symposium. Poster authors will be available for interpretation during the Friday Evening Social and during paper session breaks.

Interpretation of GPR and Magnetometer data collected at archaeology Site 40BT8 on the Little Tennessee River, Blount County, Tennessee
Neeshell Bradley-Lewis, Keith C. Seramur and Ellen A. Cowan (Appalachian State University)

Ceramic Microhistory of a Middle Woodland Feature from Biltmore Mound Site (31BN174)
Cala Castleberry (Appalachian State University)

The Functions of Bipolar Tools
Larry R. Kimball (Appalachian State University)

An Experimental Study of Potter Handedness in the Pre-Contact Period of the Appalachian Summit
Autumn Melby (Appalachian State University)

Beyond the WPA: Geophysical Survey of Hiwassee Island
Shawn Patch (New South Associates), Sarah Lowry (New South Associates), Erin Pritchard (Tennessee Valley Authority), and Lynne Sullivan (University of Tennessee)

More than Monuments: Middle Woodland Occupation Areas at Garden Creek
Alice P. Wright (Appalachian State University)