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5th Grade

Welcome back to library learning 2018! 

October 2018

Every 5th grader is responsible for completing the library google classroom assignments and demonstrating positve digital citizenship by using technology as directed. 

Sign up for OBOB by NOV. 21st.  All team sign-up forms should be turned in by Nov. 21st. 

OBOB forms and information available in your school library and online at Bridlemilelibrary.net

September 2018:  Students can:

1. Use the online resources to locate materials and books in the library. 
2. Know the areas of the library. 
3. Use the guide sheets and call numbers to locate materials in NONFICTION, FICTION, EVERYBODY. 
4. Locate and use OSLIS online to access high quality ebooks and encyclopedias.
5. Know how to use LEXILE to check the reading level of a fictional book (Sumner's class only).

QUICK BOOK SEARCH    https://fab.lexile.com/

May 2018

Week of May 21 and 29

1. Digital Citizenship: BrainPop:  Internet Resources - view and take quiz with class
2. Nonfiction: What is the Sibert Award for?
3. Locate and read ebooks through PPS Destiny.
4. Newsela: Graffiti (related to Sibert award).
5. Extra: Try BrainPop at home.  Beagleslibrary/bri123

  1. Go to Brain-Pop

  2. Go to Hispanic Heritage

  3. Go to the Topic Assigned for your table group.

  4. Watch the video as a group.

  5. Take the quiz as a group.

  6. Report to the whole class ONE, or more,  interesting and important FACT (s) you learned.


Learn Poems and Poets

Sumner Poet List - Learn 5 things about a poet. Read a poem by that poet.  

March 2018

OBOB - Did you participate? Feedback

ORCA - Did you participate? Vote! Feedback

OSLIS - What is that? Looking at the tools, using the tools

February 2018

1. OSLIS - create citations for school science projects

2. Elise Broach - create a quiz in google docs about Elise Broach. Learn about her two newest books:
Wolf Keepers and My Pet Wants a Pet. 

January 2018

January 26, 2018

Sumner and Beebe: Newbery Award Literature  

Use World Book to find information on your science project or current classroom topic. 
Use Web Path Express to find Websites for your science project or current classroom topic. 
Use OSLIS to create a citation on a book and a website. 

Google Be Awesome: Be a wise user of the Internet!

Black - Reality River
Sumner - Kindess is Cooler
Beebe - Kindness is Cooler

All students can explain what is a citation?  

Use World Book to find information on your science project or current classroom topic. 
Use Web Path Express to find Websites for your science project or current classroom topic. 


Month of December

World Book Online Expert
New Classic Birthday Book Club

November 28

Should we have a school garden at Bridlemile? Why? Benefits?

Garden Research

Go to Destiny
Go to Web Path Express
Search for Websites related to school gardening
Search for images related to school gardening
Suggested Keywords: gardens, gardenings, farming, plants, botany, children gardens, farm food
Bookmark interesting websites 
Be prepared to share in class something you found.
Bonus: Create a google slide show with 5 images related to school gardens.

November 20

Research Resources
What is Primary Source?

Open and try:

Web Path Express
World Book Online

November 13 
Scholastic Book Fair

Beebe: Be Internet Awesome


November 6

What is the Genre?
See your google classroom assignment. 

October 30


1. Please take home the Scholastic Book Fair Flyer and encourage your parents to come shop the upcoming book fair. 
    The book fair is November 9th through the 17th. 
2. OBOB Teams may now form. Please create your team. Talk to your parents. Have your parents and teachers sign your permission form. RETURN IT TO THE           LIBRARY by November 17th.
3. Listen and ask questions. 

October 23

Sumner's Class:

1. Complete Library Fall Assessment. Follow directions on your record sheets. 
2. Gather information for you Native American research.  Search Web Path Express and see if you can find one or two websites.
3. Search Destiny for Scary Stories. Find on or more on the shelf. 
4. Read Silenty.

October 16th

Sumner's Class:

Join class discussion on being alert to Internet scams.
Play Interland Reality River . Go to your library google classroom for the link. 
Check-out as needed or sit and read. Tell me what you are reading.

Leadership: Fire Information sites to use:

Black and Beebe Classes

Know and understand how the library is organized and how to retrieve materials from all the different collections. 

Explain what a collection in the library is.

To Do Today:   1. Check out something new and interesting to you. 
                         2. Login to your Chromebook.
                         3. Complete part II of the October Library Assessment
                         4. Mark in the Google Classroom when you completed the assessment. 
                         5. Optional: Bookopolis

October 9th

We'll return to Internet Awesome next week and do Phishing lesson together. 

To Do Today:   1.October Library Assessment: Location Skills and Survey
                        2. Checkout 
                        3. Help re-shelve books in the correct location

October 2nd - Launching Internet Awesome : What do we Share?  Share with Care

1. Play Mindful Mountain with Class 


Mark your Google Classroom assignment done.  If you did not mark last weeks assignment done, please finish and do so. 

2. Choice:

    Read silently     OR 

    Play Mindful Mountain again with a partner. Think about how what you share on the Internet creates your identity. 

September 2017

Week of Sept 25th - all 5th grades

Login in to Google Classroom
Accept Library Class Invite
Read Assignment
Think about genres for all the OBOB Books : with Mrs. Burke 

Sept 19th Sumner 5th:

Review OBOB slides with Ms. Sandgren. Discuss each book. Decide what genre each title may be. 

Link to Slideshow:  OBOB Books 3-5  LINK

Sept. 18th

To DO: Sign library agreements (please do this while you are checking out)
            Listen to the Dot, CREATE! your own dot!
            Login to Chromebook, Login to library account. Does it work? On board let Mrs. Burke know if your library account worked. 

Week 1: Welcome back and our agreements for using the library and technology
Week 2: Tech Use Agreement and accessing online ebooks.
Week 3: Can you login to your library account? 
             International DOT DAY (was Sept. 15th but we are celebrating this week).
Week 4: Reader's Advisory: Bookopolis

Monday June 5th and June 6th Last Library Classes

Beebe's class

Summer Reading

Make a "legacy" bookmark to leave behind. 

OBOB next year? Ideas for summer reading:  See this slide show!!

Sumner Class Feedback link:

OBOB next year? See this slide show!!

Mindfulness May with Ms. MacDonald and Ms. Whitacre
Paying attention to yourself and our surroundings
Community Art: Zen Tangles

Week of April 24th

Poetry Surprise!!  Read a variety of poems. Share one aloud. Find your voice in reading aloud. Be respectful to the poet. 

Week of April 16th
Black Class Feedback collaboration documents

Sumner's class:  Add to the Collaboration Research Spreadsheet. Please list two books and two websites from Web Path Express. 

If time, begin personal narrative in a google doc.
Important instructions for opening narrative: LINK

Beebe's class independent library/tech research project. List resources. Write and link personal narrative. 
Link to the Beebe collaboration record sheet and links. .

Black's class independent library/tech research project record spreadsheet. 1. List resources. 2. Begin writing personal narrative and link it to the Spreadsheet. View only. 3. Locate and read resources on your topic. 

Important instructions for opening narrative: LINK

Week of April 9th

5th Grade Goals for next few weeks:
Collaborate using google docs.  Record ideas and resources using google spreadsheet. Locate resources in Destiny Web Path Express

To Do: Use Google Classroom: Brainstorm topic. Collect Initial research resources.  Go to Google Classroom. 

Black Spreadsheet for initial research information collection

Begin brainstorm for research project:
Sumner Spreadsheet:  ideas and websites here

The Thing about Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin - Read aloud Monday,Tuesday. Ali presents to all of the 5th grade on Tuesday at 1:00 pm. 

If you would like to purchase a book, you still may. Details will be available in the library.  Books are $8.95 - checks to Green Bean Books. Limited supply. 

Asking authors good questions.  Let's make a list together of good questions to ask Ali. We'll discuss and create a question list based on this adult interview suggestions:

Thursday, Friday library classes:  Begin individual research assignment. Details will be in the Google Classroom for your class. 

Week of March 13th
Student access and utilize high quality e-resources provided by PPS and Bridlemile Library at school and HOME.

To Do:

1.BrainPOP Challenge:  How many lessons and Brainpop activities can you complete by the end of the school year?  

2. Reading Challenge: Think like a leprechaun!  Books are your gold! This week locate, check-out and READ any books with GREEN on the          cover. 

Week of March 6th Full STEAM Ahead

Student access and utilize high quality e-resources provided by PPS at school and HOME.

Search #1 Electronic Books - eBooks - to do at school and at home

To Do: 

Go to Bridlemilelibrary.net

Go to Destiny

Go to Bridlemile

-At search screen, change Material type to Electronic Book (eBook)

-Scroll down to find books that interest you.

-Open books. If at home, use the password if required. 

-Read it. 

-Use the navigaton tools. 

-Use the embedded links.

Week of Feb. 27th 

Super Important: 
Sean Connolly, author, is coming to Bridlemile on March 1st - We will have some of his books for sale. 
What can you learn about this author? What books did he write?

Read a broad range of literature. Dr. Seuss is "classic".  Read Across America is March 2nd. 
Learn about authors: Dr. Seuss . Write 5 new facts about this author you did not know and think are interesting. 
List 5 Geisel Award winners our library owns. Why would or should you read these books? 

Super Important: 
Ali Benjamin is coming to meet 5th graders only. Her book, The Thing about Jellyfish is in our library. Please read it and learn about Ali Benjamin.

Week of Feb. 13, 2017
Locate a Coretta Scott King Award or Honor Book using Destiny.
Find the book on the shelf in the library.
Look up the author or illustrator on the Internet (be responsible and access only sites on the illustrator or book).
    Report 3 facts about the book and illustrator.

Who was Coretta Scott King?

A short video of Coretta Scott King in 1986 telling what she feels is important. 

Week of Feb 6,2017

Locate a Caldecott Award Winning Book using Destiny.
Find the book on the shelf in the library.
Look up the illustrator on the Internet (be responsible and access only sites on the illustrator or book).
    Report 3 facts about the book and illustrator.

Week of Jan 23, 2017

Watch ALA Youth Media Awards - LINK Book Awards
Shelve one book - know where books are located in the library
Check-out one book, free choice. 

    Read to seek multiple points of view for a global perspective.
    Read, listen, and integrate information to build background knowledge. 

Week of Jan 16 2017

Book Battle Practice 

Read Sci Fi ebook

Listen to:  The Thing About Jelly Fish by Ali Benjamin

Week of Jan 3,2017

Happy New Year!  Welcome Back!

Library PBIS
Your stories: The Well of ideas for writing and learning
Review: Your passwords, Destiny, Library Resources

Week of Dec. 12

1. How to locate and read e-books?  Can you find and read 5 different ebooks?  Can you access them from your classroom and from home?
2. Can you place a "hold" on an item you want to read but it is already out? 
3. Book Battle Questions

Week of Nov. 21st, Dec. 5th

Understand purpose of, and create, citations. 

1. Access Citation Maker through OSLIS. Create one citation for science project. 

For Black's class  on Wednesday - Create a citation for a website: 


Create a citation for an ebook:


Super smart information strategies [electronic resource] 

Create one citation for an online resource: World Book, Website, Learn 360 video . 
Create one citation for a book on the shelves. 

Week of Nov. 14th

Book Battle Questions ? Reminder - turn in team permission forms this week and next week please. 

1. Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources. Assess credibility. Integrate information avoiding plagerisam.
2. Generate accurate source citation and respect copyright law. 


Week of October 17, 24

Build reading skills and behaviors for life long learning. Read a variety of genres. Demonstrate perseverance and stamina in reading a variety of texts. 

Know the four major reading promotion programs offered through the Bridlemile school library: 
Mock Newbery
Future Librarians Service Club

Week of October 3rd

Choose a variety of materials from shelves and online. Can open and read ebooks online.
Use technology to collaborate with others about literature and reading by logging into and adding books for reading: Bookopolis

Week of September 25, 2016

I understand the choices I participate in during recess in the Bridlemile library.

Recess expectations and options for creative and talented students.

I use technology wisely to advance my learning. 

Week of September 18, 2016

Merge Bookopolis Accounts with Mrs. Burke

Week of September 13, 2016

Important to do: 

Please retake the library survey.  Re-Do: Reading Tech Survey

Goal: Access literature and information with the online catalog. 

How do I look for a book in the Bridlemile Destiny Online Catalogue?
Can I teach a first grader how to look up a book and find it on the shelf?

Week of September 6, 2016

Students will use library technology tools appropriately, ethically, responsibly. 
    Know your library account login and password.
    Know your google account login and password.
    Keep your login and passwords confidential. 
    Login in to your library and google accounts.

Week of August 29, 2016

Welcome back to school! Be Safe, Responsible, Respectful and READ!

Library Tour, Our  Agreements, Picture, Check-out, Read

    Hank the Read the Dog special guest
    Outdoor reading space
    Magazines - coming
    Games and art supplies for recess
    Water in the library - information
    New Books and volunteers
    Turn in summer reading cards if you participated

Week of Sept. 5th Technology Resources in the school Library


June 2016
Legacy Bookmark

Month of May


Month of May
Evaluate and test the World Book Online
Use the evaluation sheets in the library. Here is the link to the evaluation form if you are looking for it from home: World Book Think Sheet.
Start on the library homepage.
Kids - Animal
Science Power
Living Green
Ancient Peoples
Dramatic Learning

Week of April 16, 23
Investigate and read poetry. Poetry in Your Pocket Day will be celebrated week of April 23th. 

Week of April 11th
Use Destiny Web Path Express to find web resources for Colonial Research. 

Week of April 4th
Author feature: Who was Beverly Cleary?
See links and videos at Oregon Art Beat
Writing a book review for Bookopolis.

Week of March 28th

Genre for this week is _________________________?

Review library collections
Where is fiction?
Where is nonfiction?
Where are Everybody books?
Read the spine label on a book. Where does that book go in the library?
Where is Destiny?
Where is World Book Online
Describe a keyword search?

Start your Bookopolis account this week. 

Week of March 8th

Roseanne's visit
Author Roseanne Parry visited 4th and 5th grades on March 9th.  In her presentation she explained the roots of her four novels for middle grade readers with emotive true stories and science demonstrations.  Ask your children how she demonstrated the comparison of Makah whaling canoe to the great grey whales they hunted, and the force of waves where the Columbia river meets the Pacific Ocean. Roseanne and her stories are true treasures. We hope she will visit Bridlemile again. In the meantime, her books are available in the school library.  Our thanks to the Run for the Arts and Young Audiences for funding Roseanne’s visit. 

A side
note: Roseanne's books are read widely across USA. Her book, Heart of a Shepherd is on Faith Hough's literature blog entry 20 Books for Boys to Read Before Age 16, along with many other excellent suggestions for our students. 

Read aloud Roseanne Parry
    Why is it important to learn about authors? 
Vote for OBOB and ORCA
    Participate in our Oregon Reader's democracy! Talk about the books then vote independently and privately.

Week of March 1
Read Across America
Reading Engagement: Appreciate and authors craft and use of literary devices. Interpret use of color to communicate figurate language and shape meaning. 
Books: My Many Colored Days - Teaching Books.net
           The Boy on Fairfiled Street

Website students may explore: Seussville

Week of Feb. 22nd
Reading Engagement: Read and listen to literary information by and about African Americans. 
    Library of Congress African American Month History

    Authors : Christopher Paul Curtis
                   Jacqueline Woodson 
                   Ezra Jack Keats Tribute 
                   Bryan Ashley - longer video
                   Bryan Ashley - short video - wonderful
Week of Feb. 15th
Reading Engagement: Learn about author visiting March 9th.
    Appreciate and evaluation authors craft and use of literary devices.
    Read and seek multiple view points and a global perspective. 
To Do:
Visit Roseanne Parry's Webiste: Roseanne Parry

Week Feb. 8th

1.Access Newslesa. Read and discuss a current event article with peers.

2.Choose another article of your choice to read. 

3.Try Newsela at home. Share a news story with your family. 

Week of Feb. 1st
2. Access Preparation Tests
3. Take the Informational Reading Test with Mrs. Burke
4. Practice other tests on your own time in class or at home. 

Week of Jan. 24th - Feb. 12
Research Skills with OSLIS, Destiny, World Book, Learn360
Beebe : OSLIS Citation Maker
Sumner : 

Week of Jan. 11th
Preview Diversity Grant Books
Beebe: Access eboooks through OSLIS for Native American Research
             Access websites through Destiny WebExpress for Native American Reseach

Week of January 4th
Digital Citizenship Week with Mobi - Brain Pop 
Practice ethical behavior when using print and digital resources.
1.View and discuss with class:Online Safety
2. To do on own: Make a Map!

Week of Dec. 14th

username: bridlemile   Password: bri2015

Week of Dec. 7th
1.Use a variety of digital environments and formats to enhance reading. 
2. Practice ethical behavior when using technology. World Book Online.

To Do

Week of Nov. 30th, Dec. 7th
Teach students to be effective consumers, producers, and presenters of information and ideas and to leverage technology through effective use of World Book Online.
Readers Advisory: Holiday stories, fiction and nonfiction information. 

Week of Nov. 23rd

1. Practice ethical behavior when using print and digital resources.

Use computers, the internet responsibly for classroom learning and reading engagement.

Week of Nov. 16th

Students will learn to place "holds" using their library login and password.

1. Practice ethical behavior when using print and digital resources.

Use computers, the internet responsibly for classroom learning and reading engagement.

2. Use skills to locate resources, gain knowledge and think critically. 

Students conduct keyword search on assigned topic.

Students advocate for learning needs by using online Destiny catalog to find resources, create lists, and hold materials. 

Week of Nov. 9th

Week of Nov. 9th

Summner: OSLIS Citation Maker

Beebe: Native American Resources Search

Week of Nov. 2nd
Reading Promotions for 5th Grade

Week of Oct. 26th
Students will access and use online resources to obtain graphic and video content through Learn 360. When accessing from home a user name and password will be required. User name is bri360 .  Password is bridlemile.

Students will be introduced to creating and saving lists in their library account. 

Week of October 12th
Demonstrate responsible responsible citizenship in use of library materials and resources.
Gather information from multiple print and digital resources. 
Complete  material resource chart using google docs (technology integration)
Native American Research is at the gathering resources stage. Assignment chart is in our Library google classroom.  Please use it to keep track of information you find that relates to your assigned topic. You can check-out books and access all the online resources from school and home. Use Destiny Web Express to locate websites.  Use Learn360 to locate videos. 

Week of October 5th
Book Fair Preview
Listen and take notes while previewing the book fair book talks. What will you want to find at the fair and why?

Week of September 28
Technology Integration, Patron Responsibility
Know how to log-in to your library account, check account at home.  Logins and passwords were sent with students to do this at home with their parents.
Locate, check-out one NONfiction book. Identify call number.

Week of September 21
Participate collaborative and respectfully locating and using library resources.
Participating collaborative locating and utilizing digital e-book.

Week of September 8th
General Tech expectations.