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2nd Grade

Welcome back to library learning 2018! 

2nd Grade October

Students can find and BCCCA books in the online catalog.
Students know how to search Destiny account. 
Students can locate nonfiction and fiction chapter books for their interests and reading skill. 
Students try a new author each week. 

Welcome back to library learning 2018! 

September 2018:  Student can:

1. Use the online resources to locate materials and books in the library. Use technology as a tool for learning and locating books in the library.

2. Know the areas of the library. 

3. Use the guide sheets and call numbers to locate materials in NONFICTION, FICTION, EVERYBODY, EARLY READERS. 

APRIL 2018

Celebrate folklore, rhyme, poetry and gardens!

Week of April 2nd-9th

To Do:

1. Read at least 20 different poems.
2. Know and name 3 different poets. Learn the time period and something from each poets writing or life. 
3. Listen to the BrainPop vid on poetry and take the quiz - go to the K-3 area.
4. Choose a new poem to learn to read aloud.  Memorize your poem if you choose.
5. Recite a poem during the Poetry Cafe the last week of April. 
6. Try some of the poetry links on the Mrs. Burke's weblinks.

Happy Spring!

Learn about authors!

Paticia Polacco
Kate Dicamillo
Steven Jenkins

February 27, 2018

Learn about Dr. Seuss

Learn about Elise Broach

February 2018

I locate books in the library and ebook in Destiny.

I can learn about the upcoming visiting author and read one of her books.

January 2018

All students can explain what a citation is.

Use Destiny to find a book on the shelf.

Use Destiny to find an ebook.  Open and read it online. Use feature of the ebook reader.  

Other Research Goals:

Use World Book to find information on your science project or current classroom topic.  Robots, rocks, dinosaurs, unicorns.
Use Web Path Express to find Websites for your science project or current classroom topic. 


World Book Online Research Tools

Destiny Custom Book List Resource

Sept. 26

What is Beverly Cleary Choice Award? 

Listen to Franice and the Ghost Raccoon.

Sept 19th Have fun celebrating creative illustrations with Peter Reynolds!

1. Listen to the book, The DOT by Peter Reynolds to Celebrate International Dot Day.
2. Meet Peter Reynolds at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDqSZXV13dQ

3. Create your own dot!
4. Check-out
5. Read and create more!

September 2017  Welcome Back to the Library! 

Your learning goals for the this month are: 

1. I am a safe, responsible and respectful student in the school library. 

2. I can find stories and information in the online catalog. 

3. I can find stories and information on the shelves in the library. 

4. I can tell my friend the difference between a fictional book and informational books (print or ebooks). 

5. I understand how to use technology and the technology tools for learning. Mindfulness May with Ms. MacDonald and Ms. Whitacre

Paying attention to yourself and our surroundings
Community Art: Zen Tangles or Story Yoga - move and listen

Week of April 2nd and 9th

I can use my online account number to check my account and see what I have checked out. 

I can use my online account number to make a list of books I have read or would like to read. 

I can use a chromebook responsibly. 

Find, check-out, read Golden Egg books.  Save up your eggs!  We will have a little book club at the end of the year for those who read golden egg books!

Week of March 13th
Student access and utilize high quality e-resources provided by PPS and Bridlemile Library at school and HOME.

To Do:

1.BCCCA  Reading Challenge:  Can you read 3 of the BCCCA books by the end of month? Put them on hold or check them out from the public     library.  READ AND VOTE!

2. Reading Challenge: Think like a leprechaun!  Books are your gold! This week locate, check-out and READ any books with GREEN on the          cover. 

Week of March 6th Full STEAM Ahead

Student access and utilize high quality e-resources provided by PPS at school and HOME.

Search #1 Electronic Books - eBooks - to do at school and at home

To Do: 

Go to Bridlemilelibrary.net

Go to Destiny

Go to Bridlemile

-At search screen, change Material type to Electronic Book (eBook)

-Scroll down to find books that interest you.

-Open books. If at home, use the password if required. 

-Read it. 

-Use the navigaton tools. 

-Use the embedded links.

Week of Feb. 27th

Read aloud - explore character and voice.
Dr. Seuss Aloud - The Boy on FairFax Street, My many Colored Days
Mo Willems  Read Aloud

Week of Feb. 20th 

Read a broad range of literature. Dr. Seuss is "classic".  Read Across America is March 2nd. 
Learn about authors: Dr. Seuss . Write 5 new facts about this author you did not know and think are interesting. 
List 5 Geisel Award winners our library owns. Why would or should you read these books? 

Week of Feb. 13, 2017
Locate a Coretta Scott King Award or Honor Book using Destiny.
Find the book on the shelf in the library.
Look up the author or illustrator on the Internet (be responsible and access only sites on the illustrator or book).
    Report 3 facts about the book and illustrator.

Who was Coretta Scott King?

A short video of Coretta Scott King in 1986 telling what she feels is important. 

Week of Feb 6,2017

Locate a Caldecott Award Winning Book using Destiny.
Find the book on the shelf in the library.
Look up the illustrator on the Internet (be responsible and access only sites on the illustrator or book).
    Report 3 facts about the book and illustrator.

Week of Jan 23, 2017

Watch ALA Youth Media Awards
Shelve one book - know where books are located in the library
Check-out one book, free choice. 

    Read to seek multiple points of view for a global perspective.
    Read, listen, and integrate information to build background knowledge. Week of Jan 3,2017

Happy New Year!  Welcome Back!

Library PBIS
Your stories: The Well of ideas for writing and learning
Review: Your passwords, Destiny, Library Resources

Gaylor: Book Bags

Week of Dec. 2nd - Dec. 16
Holidays Around the Globe - 200s, 300s in the Dewey Decimal System, Everybody books.
Online in Tumble Books and ebooks (Use ipads and computers for accessing ebooks)

Graphic Novels - What makes a graphic novel a Graphic novel? To sync with Comic Book Study

Monday:  Art in the Style of Lois Ehlert with Mrs. MacDonald

Week of November 14th

Learn about Dana Simpson. Review and connect with her comic books about a girl and her unicorn. 

Literacy Goals: 
Interpret words, phrases, illustrations, technical diagrams as they are used to shape meaning. 
Appreciate and evaluate an author's craft and use of literary devices.  

Explain how specific aspects of a text's illustrations contribute to what is conveyed by the words in a story (e.g., create mood, emphasize aspects of a character or setting)
From students - our observations: 
Week of October 30
Learn about Dana Simpson. Review and connect with her comic books about a girl and her unicorn. 

Book fair is coming!!!  Remind your family!

Week of October 17, 24

Build reading skills and behaviors for life long learning. Read a variety of genres. Demonstrate perseverance and stamina in reading a variety of texts. 

Know the major reading promotion programs offered through the Bridlemile school library: 

Dewey Rocks!
Tumble Books
Online Readers

October 2016
Goals: Locate information in the physical library. Use the online tools to locate books and websites. Be a responsible user of technology and information resources.

Locate and search Destiny to look for a book.
Locate and use Web Path Express to look for websites for research.
Locate where nonfiction folklore and animal books are in the library. Check-out and read.
Locates where ECB and E books are in the library.
Locate E and ECB books on the shelf. 

New concept: Indigenous People
New Book: Thunder Boy by Sherman Alexie

Week of September 6, 2016

Students will use library technology tools appropriately, ethically, responsibly. 
    Know your library account login and password.

Students will use online tools responsibly and safely. 

Week of August 29, 2016

Welcome back to school! Be Safe, Responsible, Respectful and READ!

Library Tour, Our  Agreements, Picture, Check-out, Read

    Hank the Read the Dog special guest
    Outdoor reading space
    Magazines - coming
    Games and art supplies for recess
    Water in the library - information
    New Books and volunteers
    Turn in summer reading cards if you participated

Week of Sept. 5th Technology Resources in the school Library!

Month of May

Study Animals and Habitats  - Learn how to navigate World Book Kids - Animals Online
Begin at the library home page. 

Mrs. Collins' and Mrs. Hansen's classes:
Your username is your first and last name with no spaces.
Your password is 123456

Mrs. Gayler's Class:
our username is your first and last name with no spaces.
Your password is 1234

Month of April
Celebrate and read Beverly Cleary Books. Her 100th Birthday is April 12th.

Investigate and read poetry. Poetry in Your Pocket Day will be celebrated week of April 24th. 

Week of March 1
Read Across America
Reading Engagement: Appreciate and authors craft and use of literary devices. Interpret use of color to communicate figurate language and shape meaning. 
Books: My Many Colored Days - Teaching Books.net
           The Boy on Fairfiled Street

Website students may explore: Seussville

Week of Feb. 22nd
Reading Engagement: Read and listen to literary information by and about African Americans. 
    Library of Congress African American Month History

    Authors : Christopher Paul Curtis
                   Jacqueline Woodson 
                   Ezra Jack Keats Tribute 
                   Bryan Ashley - longer video
                   Bryan Ashley - short video - wonderful

Week of Jan. 24th - Feb. 12
Research Skills with OSLIS, Destiny, World Book, Learn360

Week of Jan. 11th
Preview Diversity Grant Books

Week of Jan. 4th
New Books - Care and Keeping of new materials.
BrainPOP Jr. Mobi and Annie - Internet Safety.

Week of Dec. 14th
User name: bridlemile
Password: bri2015

Week of Dec. 7th
Develop and appreciation for reading. comprehend and interpret informational texts.
Students will choose and read a selection of informational texts located in the 500's of the library shelves and online in World Book Animals. 

Week of Nov. 30th, Dec.7 
Teach students to be effective consumers, producers, and presenters of information and ideas and to leverage technology through effective use of World Book Online.
Readers Advisory: Holiday stories, fiction and nonfiction information.

Week of Nov. 23rd
Utilize technology to access content related to classroom study.
Use ebooks to access a Folktale. Go to Destiny. Search for Turkey. View, read, watch ebook from the Choctaw Nation: When Turtle Grew Feathers.

Week of Nov. 16th
Compare and contrast folktales from different cultures (Multiplication theme, Chinese and Lebanese cultures) 
Use an ipad to locate an ebook.

Week of Nov. 9th
Who Was Beverly Cleary? 
Slide Show: BCCCA Books

Week of Nov. 2nd
Reading Promotions for 2nd Grade

Beagle Bingo! for Bridlemile Readers in Kindergarten-3rd Grade

Week of Oct. 26th -Oral Traditions focus will connect to storyteller visiting Bridlemile in November, Will Hornyak.
What is a folk tale and where can I find one in the library?

Jingle for the week:
398.2 ! Stories in the library re-told for you
You'll find animals that talk
Magic, mirrors, and surprising heroes
in 398.2!

Oct. 22nd
Celebrate: Annie Parkinson, Priya's grandma came from England and visited Mrs. Gaylor's library class.
Annie shared the geography and history of Great Britain. She told students stories about what she read when she was a young girl and about her art designing and creating commemorative quilts. She also gave the students a taste for her talent by having them assist in the construction of a small sampler. Thank you, Annie!  The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew by Margaret Sidney is recommended by Annie (reprinted, originally published in 1881).

Week of Oct. 19
Book Fair and Parent Teacher Conferences

Week of Oct 5th and 12th
Book Fair preview and Book Fair shopping.
Review: ipick guidelines- choosing books
Introduction: Genres
Browse, shop, read and think.
Can you find a new book you would like to read? What is the title? Who is the author? Do you know anything about the author? How can you find out about the author? Why did they write the book?  What genre is the book? How does it connect to your interests?  Is the cover design interesting and attractive? What style of art and mediums were used to create the images?  What book would you like your parent (s) to read aloud to you?

Week of Sept 28th
Chalk Art in style of visiting author: Christian Robinson
Collaboration and community: create welcome sign

Week of September 21
Participate collaborative and respectfully locating and using library resources.
Participating collaborative locating and utilizing digital e-book.

Week of Sept. 8th
Compare and Contrast illustration technique to story purpose in Barnett/Robinson picture books.

View intro video to author/illustrator. Personal connections. What makes this book humorous? What is communicated in pictures but not in text that is essential to understanding the story?  Do you ever notice things that others, like your parents, don't see at all?