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Unit 11

Chapter Overview
During this unit, students learn the different definitions of acids and bases, their conductivity, neutralization reactions, measurement of acid and base concentration in
terms of pH and titration, and the dissociation of strong and weak acids and bases. Students also identify, compare, and make predictions about acid-base, precipitation,
and oxidation-reduction reactions.

Main Ideas
*Acids and bases are a class of compounds whose aqueous solutions have certain characteristics.
*There are several theories of acids and bases.
*When an acid and a base react, the products are a salt and water.
*Acid-base, precipitation, and oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions are differentiated by their characteristics.
*The expression, pH, is a measure of hydrogen ion concentration.
*Strong and weak acids and bases have different degrees of dissociation.

***Students may not understand strengths and concentrations of acids and bases are different.
***Students may not be able to differentiate acid-base, oxidation-reduction, and precipitation reactions.
***Students may not understand oxidation numbers.



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