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Physics in Action

This is where we see Physics being used to do cool things. Maybe those involved understood the Physics, maybe not, but it is cool Physics!

Advance to around 25 seconds in and be amazed! This is a great example of how surfaces can have 2 forces (friction and normal) and they are not always in the directions you would expect!


This section has projects you could build that are related to Physics. If you are in need of extra credit, some of these could be a good starting point for discussing options.

3 projects that appear to defy Physics. What diagrams & analysis could help explain these?

Submitted by Noah Reinert.

Fools that don't know Physics

This section is for when not knowing Physics causes accidents or problems.

Skip to around 3:06-3:10 and watch her foot. Poor girl! Can you explain why this wouldn't help using Physics principles?