Online Learning Tools

Each of the following are tools students should utilize to add to their in class learning.

  • Google Classroom: Used to publish answer keys, distribute and collect labs, etc.
  • is an online review site that you can use for easy and moderate questions for free and pay to upgrade to get better feedback and hard questions. The questions on here seem decently aligned to the AP exam and are very clear about what topic/skill they are testing, so students can really assess where they are and what they need to work on.
  • Kahn Academy has partnered with the College Board to provide high quality instructional videos on AP Physics 1 content. Students can watch solutions and hear what rules are being applied to make sure they understand better. There are also practice problems. I haven't tried this site yet due to lack of time to fully evaluate it, but I understand it to be excellent.
  • Mrs. Twu's webpage: She has hundreds of focused videos and a ton of example problems and worksheets, etc. If you can't find enough on the other sites, or prefer her way of presenting info, go to see the Twu!

Apps for phones/tablets:

Definitely will want:

  • Google Classroom: installing the app on a phone will ensure you get notifications when new items are posted
  • Google Drive: often used to upload photos and videos from your phone to get them shareable
  • Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides -- can be useful for editing your documents when away from a computer.
  • Scannable for iOS and TinyScanner or Notebloc (Android): scanning apps make a huge difference in how easily I can read your handwritten documents when digitized.
  • Data Collection
    • Hudl Technique which reports the time with good precision when scrubbing over the video. You can record the time values and subtract the time when the motion started to find the time you should use as your data.
    • Motion Shot for iOS creates a strobe composite photograph (like a motion map) - super cool. Need to find Android version.
    • Sparkvue by Pasco for any device - allos you to connect wireless sensors to your phone or chromebook.

Might be nice:

  • PanoTuner (or any free music tuning app that reports the tone in hz): used to tell the frequency of a sound created.
  • Resistor: finds resistance for resistors based on the color coded bands.

Software for your computer

  • See our google classroom about page or email me for a link to video analysis software Logger Pro. Our site license allows you to download it for free at home.