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What is Physics about anyway?

Physics studies energy, momentum, and charge interactions, which occur due to forces and the effects may be measured by motion. More vaguely put, Physics studies how stuff makes other stuff happen. Here is a map put together by a youtuber that has a good explanation of the major areas of study in Physics. Click the image to head over to YouTube and see his 8 minute explanation (read his vid description for a couple corrections/clarifications too).

Extra oddities you may wonder about:

Why not use the school's site?

Every few years the school changes their site management tools and I would like this to last beyond that transition. In addition, the current set of tools is not well integrated with google docs, which I use for many of my resources. In the past I used google docs on its own, but managing sharing permissions to allow new students and parents access was annoying. This is now linked from school home page, has a memorable web address, and should be more accessible.

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