Here is the slideshow I am using in class: Thermodynamics Slideshow

Textbook: Chapters 9, 12, & 13


1st Law of Thermodynamics (conservation):

  • Internal Energy:
    • Temperature:
      • qualitatively explain average K of particles being proportional to T
      • connect statistical distribution of microscopic energy to macroscopic T & thermo processes.
  • Heat Transfer:
    • Thermal Conductivity - design an experiment to test thermal conductivity
    • Describe direction of energy transfer in terms of particle interactions
    • describe conduction, convection and radiation models for transferring energy
    • describe approaching thermal equilibrium in terms of particle interactions and probability
  • Work:
    • Ideal Gas Law

2nd Law of Thermodynamics (entropy):


Common Misconceptions:

  • A cold body contains no heat.
  • There is no limit on the lowest temperature.
  • At absolute zero motion of every part of an object stops.
  • An object has no mass at absolute zero.
  • Sweaters will make you warmer.
  • Cold can flow.
  • Gases can be compressed to zero volume.
  • Heat and temperature are the same thing.
  • Heat and cold flow like liquids.
  • Pressure is the same as force.
  • Skin is a good thermometer.