Slideshow: Fluids Slideshow

Textbook: Chapters 9, 10 & 11 in Mastering Physics (get online code for registration on about page of google classroom)


  1. Density
    • predict density & design labs to verify prediction (consider manometers, floating objects, and apparent weight for objects that would sink)
    • determine density from experimental data
  2. Forces in fluids
    • explain microscopic cause of force related to pressure and the buoyant force (using collisions and momentum changes)
    • Explain the direction of forces in fluids
    • Explain the electric nature of contact forces in fluids
  3. Moving Fluids
    • Use combinations of bernoulli's equation, P=F/A and/or the continuity equation to make calcualtions related to moving fluids
    • Explain bernoulli's equation in terms of conservation of energy.
    • Explain how the continuity equation is an example of conservation of mass.


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