AP Physics 1 Overview

AP Physics 1 is a college level course delivered in high school. It requires only algebra and geometry skills, but more importantly, critical thinking and logical problem solving. The biggest challenge in the AP Physics 1 course is the expectation that students will be able to apply basic Physics principles properly to analyze unfamiliar situations or to overcome misconceptions about familiar situations.

AP Physics 1 studies motion, energy, momentum, waves, and electricity while also cultivating skills in experimental design, model development, graphical analysis, written expression and support of claims, and algebraic manipulation.

Students who successfully score a 3 or better on the AP exam in May will be eligible to receive credit for the course at many colleges and universities. More importantly, students the prepare for the AP exam learn skills that prepare them for university learning and solving future unfamiliar problems in life.

Expand the menu at left to see objectives, study misconceptions, and see tips for each unit of study for AP Physics 1. There are also general skills that are useful across units of study and also across both years of Physics available.