AP Art Lessons


Watch the following video and create a one page response in your sketchbook as to how this video can help you develop your work.


We will discuss 9/6 when you return


Students will follow a few prompts as a process of learning ways to be creative. Students will:

crumple a wet piece of paper towel into an interesting non-representational form. Students will carefully draw the form lightly with a drawing pencil. Students will then create a living form from the abstract shape by adding and subtracting lines and details. Students will be encouraged to create something that they have never drawn before. Students will create several variations of this theme.

Students will begin designing their portfolios and receive drawer assignments to keep work.

Students will design their portfolios and will be encouraged to “remove” a minimal amount of negative space to design portfolios. Students will also be encouraged to use elements/principles of design.


Begin AP Studio Assignments

***As students plan projects, they will show a variety of media, subject, and technique. Students should plan projects so that they do not have more than two projects of the same media of subject.

B1 - Imitational-figure/portrait - Autobiographical (see AP packet) You must print out a large photo to work from as a reference. Remember, composition, foreshortening, and light is important in taking your photo. See examples below



Imitational-figure/portrait - Autobiographical (see AP packet) - continued

photos should be printed and begin work Monday.

9/18 - 9/23

Portraits due this Friday for critique.


Imitational - drawing from objects

Concept: Create a metamorphosis between two objects.The objects can be animals, or animals to inanimate objects. The objects should transform seamlessly from one to another.

Due: 9/26

2nd MP:

Second Marking period consists of creating a minimum of four breadth pieces for your portfolio. Projects should be completed at an average of 1 every two weeks to allow for critiques and discussion. 


12  Drawings for Breadth pieces are due for 2nd MP grade

Concentration statement is due and will be credit towards midterm grade


We have completed and reviewed 12 breadth (experimental) pieces and students are now moving forward with concentration pieces as described in the concentration packet distributed to each AP student. Students will write a concentration statement  and begin working on these 12 individual pieces. To meet the 12 piece deadline, students are required to complete each piece within two weeks each.
Deadlines are posted on the whiteboard in the front of the room.

Week 3/20-3/24

Students will submit a minimum of three concentration pieces for their portfolio.
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