Proposed Pilot Expansion

Revised 1/15/13

Based on the success of the Schofield pilot, the district is proposing an expansion of the pilot program to the other 5th grade classrooms in the district for the 2013-2014 school year.

As we have met with parents and solicited feedback regarding the proposed 1:1 pilot expansion, we have heard some thoughtful concerns about the take home element of the original proposal. While there is great educational potential in a device that can be taken home to extend the learning day and offer continuity between the classroom and homework, we recognize that for many families, 5th grade may be a year earlier than they feel comfortable with a device in their home. Taking this feedback to heart, and after discussion with our pilot teachers and administrators, we have revised the expansion proposal.

Pilot Expansion Revised Proposal details:
  • 5th grade only.
  • Devices assigned to the 5th grade classrooms for four years.
  • Devices stay in school.
  • iPad selected as the 1:1 device.
  • Supported by professional development, infrastructure investments, and support staff.
  • Ongoing parent workshops series covering topics including promoting online safety and managing online access at home.
  • Steering committee to evaluate the expanded pilot program with instruments including surveys, interviews, and analysis of data.
  • Funding partnership between schools, and community organizations:
    • Capital Budget:  Network infrastructure improvements, student tablets
    • Operating Budget: Program coordinator, professional development, program logistics
    • Community Organizations: Start-up Costs including, faculty and staff devices, classroom improvements, and summer professional development institute

Funding detail, Year 1:

Funding Source



Request to WEF

Devices for 5th Grade Faculty and Summer Professional Development Institute

$ 70,243

Request to PTOs

Classroom A/V improvements and secure charging carts

$ 82,425

Capital Budget Request

Devices for students

$ 55,097

Capital Budget Offset

Reduction in laptops

$ -36,556

Operating Budget Request

1:1 Program Coordinator

$ 52,054


$ 223,263

Five Year Funding Projection:

Funding Source

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Community Organizations

$ 152,668

$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

Capital Budget *

$   18,541

$   55,000

$   55,000

$   55,000

$   55,000

Operating Budget

$   52,054

$   52,575

$   53,101

$   53,632

$   54,168


$ 223,263

$ 107,575

$ 108,101

$ 108,632

$ 109,168