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Math Placement Questions (Please write down responses on a piece of paper):
Math Placement Part 1 (38 Questions)
Math Placement Part 2 (12 Questions)

March is Reading Month ActivitiesEducation, Ashton, Help, Books

1.     Cool Fables!

2..   Books with text to read online

3.    Listen to some books

4.    Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid or other      books from funbrain


5.    Story Starter

6..     Scholastic Activities

7.     Dr. Seuss Storybook Maker

8.     Poems

9.     Character Scrapbook (create and describe the top 10 features of your favorite book character)

10.    Create Character Trading Cards

11.   Comic Strip (create a comic strip featuring a character from your favorite book)

12.   Wacky Web Tales

13.   Wonders of the Day


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