Woodford Hollow Slideshow

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Welcome to Woodford Hollow Elementary School

Woodford is a small school located in the foothills of the Green Mountains. We are part of the SVSU school district.

"High Achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations." ~ Charles Kettering

Here's what our sixth graders have to say about being at Woodford:
  • "The best part of Woodford is that it is the best school anyone could ever go to—and I know this because I’ve gone to other schools." ~ Elizabeth
  • "I am excited about meeting new people next year and think learning at Woodford has helped me get ready for middle school." - Emilie
  • "The best part of Woodford is everyone is really nice. I’ll really miss all the younger kids and being a role model to them and I will miss all my teachers." - Hope
  • "The best part of Woodford is being at Woodford. I like being in a small school and knowing everyone. What I’ll miss most about Woodford is the size of classes and all my friends." - Zach